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Jupiter started out with the intent of being just on a whim, limited batch - however, the demand for it has been almost as big as the issue heidi began to have with hoarding it when she noticed the pile getting a little low. Unfortunately its also the most difficult to make- so keeping it in stock year round is not possible for now. it takes ALL day!

however - the effort to make it is so worth it because it smells fantastc, it feels fantastic, its different than every other soap we make here. we knew it had to have a place in the line ( and heidis shower)! Jupiter is an awesome bar for head to toe daily use. it lathers awesome, it smells amazing, its crisp, its clean, its smooth, its invigorating. and well... we think it looks pretty cool too!  youll see why we spend the time to make it once you get your own bar!

4.5-5.5  oz

saponified oils of : olive, coconut, apricot kernel, mango butter, palm, annatto, fresh orange juice, peel and pulp, sugar, proprietary essential oil blend. 

all bodygoodies soaps are made with a base of natural, sustainable, and organic plant and vegetable oils. often including but not limited to - olive, coconut, apricot, sunflower, safflower, castor, mango butter, cocoa butter, palm fruit oil. we also use beeswax in some of our products. If you have any questions regarding ingredients prior to purchase, please email us directly ... or call our shop 234-855-0310

jupiter Reviews

    *my new favorite* by Anonymous — November 23, 2015

    love, love, love jupiter ;) this bar has become my favorite. i love the orangey smell, patchouli makes it even better. keep up the super duper work heidi. happy turkey day to you and your staff...


    Dope Soap. Doap by Anonymous — August 6, 2015

    Some of the best smelling, Best feeling soap I've ever used. I went a lot quicker than i expected since all my family started using it regularly too lol!


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i love my bodygoodies!

just got my soaps. wow. it's love at first sight/scent and i can only imagine the goodness to my skin. i'm sure it will be a thoughtfully healthy and delicious experience. the ingredients are so pure and the recipes are perfection. i simply know that this is the only store that i will get soap from for a long while. cheers to you for discovering and feeding such a cool, generous bliss. — Jacqueline