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scrub no.9

fluffy cleansing sugar scrub!


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4 oz

scrub no. 9 was created on the fly by heidi right before one of our private party events. With limited time to create something new, she decided to give this crazy simple idea a whirl, and what it became? is one of our favorite things in the whole shop! its so simple, but so perfect. 

ok, so scrub no.9 is...... our new love. Its the ability to soften, cleanse, hydrate and exfoliate with such simplicity that has us so in love. its very very lightly scented by the soap used to make it. Scrub no.9 is the consistency of marshmallow cream - without the stickyness. We named it scrub number nine because its fluffly and soft like a cloud would seem. ... cloud number nine, get it , heh.  we are simply stoked about this product. Although there is soap in it, its just a creamy cleansing lather that works in perfect harmony with the skin softening sugar and moisturizing glycerin. 

how to use: scoop out desired amount into hands, add a small bit of water and scrub up, rinse.  scrub no.9 can be used all over body, but as usual, we never recommend anything scrubby on the face. ( heidis rules) ;) 

ingredient list arrives with purchased product. 

here at BG we keep a container of the new fluffy sugar scrub right at our sink. Even with all of us using it to wash our hands, we've hardly made a dent in the amount in the cup. At home we use different amounts in our showers, some of us use it on our hands and arms only, some of us use it on our entire body. So depending on how you use it, we assume you will get 10-20 uses out of esach 4 oz container. ( with the average amount being a tea spoon, large amount equal to a table spoon.

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i love my bodygoodies!

What can I say? This soap is incredible and has the most amazing scent. I could never go back to regular soap after trying your bars.