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melt down - spa


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3.5 oz

massive meltdowns are designed to meltdown into your bath or shower water and moisturize your skin something serious. they do not fizz, they do not lather....they are moisturizing skin softening luxury relaxation bath soak ....or can also be used as a shower solid sugar exfoliating moisturizer. these melts weigh in at a whopping 3.5 oz each, and are each unique as they are hand pressed. Meltdowns have a base of luxurious moisturizing butters and skin softening sugars, with different additives to give your skin a little extra love. each formula is a bit different, so be sure to check the ingredients before purchasing. 

how to use em' - as a soak : plop a massive melt into your warm bath water, allow it to dissolve and let the oils soak into your skin.  in the shower : hold meltdown in one hand and scrub/moisturize desired areas. set out of water stream to allow to dry between use. ( please note as meltdown, becomes smaller with this method, it will eventually crumble at which point we recommend using it as a soak) 

when youre done - exit the tub carefully as the oils will leave your bath slippery!

can you use just half? absolutely - just be ready for a bit of a mess. they will crumble and leave little bits all over! 

they smell really strong, is it too much? nope. these are small but mighty out of the package, designed essentially to leave a light scent throughout gallons and gallons of water. so although they may smell strong in your hand, they wont be like so once they get to dissolve into your tub. 

if you feel like you just put lotion on while you were simply relaxing in the bath...... thats because you did. so use a gentle pat dry towel method when you step out to dry off.... as you dont want to remove all of the awesome butters you just gave your skin ;) 

sugar, mango and kokum butter, coconut milk, essential oils: lime, tea tree, eucalyptus, spearmint, rosemary, tapioca starch, green clay, oxide.

PLEASE use caution as your bath tub or shower stall may be slippery after use.  - for best oil film removal, wipe down bath/shower surfaces immediately after use while oils are still warm. 

not for consumption. 

discontinue use if irritation occcurs. 

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