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monster chunk mint

Uber-moisturizing, super lathering, extra slippery shaving bar.


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4.5-5.5 oz

This bar, like all of our soaps, has been created with a purpose. This one: to be an uber-moisturizing, super lathering, extra slippery shaving bar—but it's not JUST a shaving bar! This big, chunky soap cake is incredibly nourishing!  We've carefully selected its ingredients to achieve maximum vitaminic benefits for your skin, as well as to heal and soothe... while being antiseptic and astringent to give you a healthy clean shave with no irritation. is that even possible? yep! it is....  monster chunk can do it. This bar is packed full of goodies!

saponified oils of: olive, coconut, apricot, palm, mango butter, kokum butter, tapioca starch, cocoa, ground lapis, mint essential oil blend.

clays and botanicals: bodygoodies uses only the very best quality clays and botanicals sourced from all over the world. In some of our soaps you will find a variety of clays and botanicals known to be beneficial to skin such as rhassoul clay, french green clay, rooibos tea, australian pink clay, calendula, australian black clay...etc. 

muds: we know skin, and we know mud is good for it. we dont mind a little mud while we get clean and we dont think you will either. we use only the finest spa quality, raw muds available. 

essential oils: all bodygoodies soaps are made with top shelf essential oils. Heidi has one heck of a nose and sniffs out the best essentials she can find. We use a variety of essentials in our soaps and leave the blending up to heidi.

exfoliants: sometimes you want a little, sometimes you want a lot. bodygoodies has a variety of exfoliating soaps with different scrubbing potential. From our super gritty sand and pumice, to our middle of the road rough dead sea salt and ground coffee, to our mildly exfoliating clays and muds. We are sure you will find the right exfoliant for you. 

all bodygoodies soaps are made with a base of natural, sustainable, and organic plant and vegetable oils. often including but not limited to - olive, coconut, apricot, sunflower, safflower, castor, mango butter, cocoa butter, palm fruit oil. we also use beeswax in some of our products. If you have any questions regarding ingredients prior to purchase, please call our shop 234-855-0310

some of our favorite key ingredients:

Peppermint Oil: contains Menthol, which has a cooling effect on skin. It doesn't just feel good, though; peppermint is loaded with benefits. It has the ability to nourish dull skin and also improves oily skin. Its antiviral, antispasmodic and antiseptic properties make this oil an asset to any bar of soap. Helpful with eczema, bacterial infections, rashes—there's a pretty long list of goodies associated with peppermint oil!

Spearmint: this antiseptic oil works well as an antiseptic for wounds and ulcers, protects them from septic and other infections and helps them heal faster. These antiseptic properties are due to presence of components like Menthol, Myrcene and Caryophyllene. The antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties of essential oil of spearmint make it a disinfectant. It can help get rid of internal infections and external infections. It is particularly effective in protecting wounds and ulcers.

monster chunk mint Reviews

    Wonderful! by Anonymous — January 26, 2014

    Bought this from the store this past week and tried it for the first time last night. It was AMAZING! The smell of this one is probably my favorite - so minty and fresh scented and I can even scent it on me hours after I shower. This bar is very, very moisturizing and lathers very well! I used it as both a soap, shaving bar, and face wash and it works wonderfully. It's definitely multi-functional, so it works well for travel and to eliminate having so much product in the shower. This is as perfect as it gets! Thanks again, Heidi, for a great experience!


    Monster Chunk Mint by Erin W — September 23, 2012

    I've replaced my store-bought shaving cream/gel with Monster Chunk Mint. -Erin W


    Its great stuff! by Tessa - May 3, 2011 by Anonymous — May 3, 2011

    This stuff makes my skin so soft, better than anything iv'e tried before and it stays soft all the time. I have Exzima and the tea soap works great. I hope others will discover this wonderful soap.


    My GOODNESS! by Anonymous — January 14, 2010

    MY GOODNESS, does this bar ever smell delicious!! :) Heidi puts incredible amounts of knowledge, research, high quality ingredients, and love into her products. She really cares about making a product that will not just make your skin look and feel good now, but that will keep your skin healthy in the long-term. She's super friendly and wonderful, so if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask! :)


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i love my bodygoodies!

just got my soaps. wow. it's love at first sight/scent and i can only imagine the goodness to my skin. i'm sure it will be a thoughtfully healthy and delicious experience. the ingredients are so pure and the recipes are perfection. i simply know that this is the only store that i will get soap from for a long while. cheers to you for discovering and feeding such a cool, generous bliss. — Jacqueline