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The Beginning

Heidi, the owner of bodygoodies.

bodygoodies started out small...really small.

In the beginning, it wasn't even bodygoodies. It was just one woman's attempt to stop using anything potentially harmful on her body. It started out with a lot of experimentation--some successful, and some not so successful.

My first shampoo was a flop, more like a total disaster. My milk bath was wonderful on my skin, but what if I wanted a shower? Slop a milk paste all over me? Ack! Ahh? Soap. My soap. My very first batch of soap was absolutely amazing. I knew I found my niche at the very first batch I ever made. - Heidi Goldberg

Heidi's drive and thirst for knowledge have pushed her to build a line of soaps that are made intelligently, health-consciously and environmentally friendly. Her true passion for skin care has helped the company flourish. Heidi had her own battles with skin irritation, dryness, and sensitivitiy to products. These issues pushed her to start researching for her own health. She discovered so many everyday products contain some pretty scary stuff. Heidi knew this could not possibly be healthy, so she took on an all natural lifestyle a few years back and it has changed her life and the way she makes her products.

Since then, bodygoodies has grown organically. It may have started out as a bit of at home experimentation in Heidi's kitchen, but now, thanks to Etsy, bodygoodies has become a full-on thriving company. bodygoodies are even available at Whole Foods.

This growth has not gone to Heidi's head. bodygoodies still has the same ideals it started out with: making soap that is good for you from the way it makes you feel to the vitamins and nutrients it feeds your skin.