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Founded on Organic

Rooibos Tea

100% Natural and Organic

well, our soap is pretty cool, and very different from other soaps out there on the market. how? we use all natural, organic, eco-friendly materials to make all of our products.
the owner of bodygoodies, heidi is... shes also very different- from other people, that is. in her own unique ways, but one strongly influencing the company is her background! she went to school a while back (9 years ago) to become an eshitician - which means that shes liscensed to treat skin, and manufacture skin products. i mean, thats pretty cool. so through her own life esperiences and troubles, she stumbled into making skin care products; all natural. she focused, for a long time, basically on treating skin issues and what not. eczema, psoriasis, severe acne, demodex mites, and well, just other things that people over the years have come to her for help with. mainstream soaps and skin products are.. theyre not really that good, and theyre pretty backwards in their ways. if you look through the lists of ingredients on a "facewash"- youll probably see chemicals and additives and things that ammount to engine cleaner.. do you really want to rinse your face with engine cleaner?.. really? not a sales pitch, just wondering.. think about it for a couple of seconds, and maybe look up the ingredients and where its from and what it was made to do.. because it probably didnt come from a leaf in the woods, or a tree root in japan. you know? so, at bodygodies, we keep it real. plant based oils, organic, raw, ingredients! and from the time we're young, we're taught to wash our skin. wash wash wash. wash. but, our skin is our largest organ, and just because it's kinda durable, and holds us all together - it doesnt mean that it shouldnt be treated with care and respect. its actually better to wash ONCE a day. one wash. we encourage that, and strongly believe in the benifits in washing your face once a day. 

organic. what does organic really mean? according to the New Oxford American Dictionary, organic means "of, relating to, or derived from living matter; organic soils". and, yeah! all of our soaps, lotions, and everything in between is made with natural plant based, wholesome oils, good for you AND the earth on which we live! if you ask me, thats awesome. 

why organic and natural? that stuff is for hippies! 
no, well, yes, but its not ONLY for hippies.. if you dont care about the eath, or whatever, i guess you see things being organic as pointless... maybe? just a shot in the dark. but i guess, like when things are taken from the earth - and they arent made into other materials (nonbiodegradible junk), you get to give back t the earth! obviously you wont be showering outside in the rain and letting the organic soap molecules back into the ground.. but when you use organic stuff, its good for YOU. humans comprise of organic materials (oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorous, and a few other minor elements).. our soaps are cold processed,and cold processed soaps reap alllll of the benefits of the soap making process, and typically, theyre more mosturizing than other soaps!

so since our soaps are organic and cold processed, theyre the closest kind of soap that can relate easily to your skin. which means.. are you ready?.. it means that our soap is gentle- easy on the skin, organic, mosturizing, and good for the earth. (: cool, right? yeah, i think so too. (: