September 27, 2016

bodygoodies makes soap, a lot of soap, a lot of different soaps.  some of which come and go, some of which come and stay for a season, but some… are here all year round, and have been around for a long long time with no plans of ever leaving.
let me to introduce you to rooibos [...]

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almond + lavender and its 6 day sell out

September 23, 2016

im always dreaming up soaps - some actually make it to production, some get forgotten within minutes as im distracted by pretty much anything, some get made and dont even come close to how good it sounded in my head, and sometimes - sometimes a soap gets created that comes to life even better than [...]

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caramelized honey sugar scrub

June 18, 2016

today as i was showering, i reached for the new sugar scrub i had made last week… ive been using it more than ive ever used any scrub ive ever made, or purchased.  I realized it wasnt there and i felt bummed, like seriously bummed. to the point i considered getting out of the shower, [...]

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simple skincare cont’d

June 16, 2016

this post is following up on our earlier post about simple skincare, in which we really emphasized how important is is to take a less is more approach to your skin. In that post, we wound up talking about crud, our most popular face soap - which lead me into discussing our two facial serums [...]

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skincare made simple

May 19, 2016

its simple.

figure it was time i do a post on skincare, the bodygoodies way - simple. as you may know, we always take a less is more approach here, and for good reason. we truly believe, and have seen years of results from customers who choose to give our MO a try - the less [...]

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BG laundry soap

May 17, 2016

alright, so we know many of you have become used to using our laundry soap, and we know there have been a couple of changes along the way…. well, we have one more. and hopefully this is the last time there will be one.
initially you began purchasing it in a packet of concentrate - to [...]

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wax tarts by bodygoodies?!?!?!

September 2, 2015

If youve stopped in the shop today, or taken a look at the website, you may have noticed a new product launched today - wax tart melts.
Now, although its not something to be used on the body, we think these little things have a nice place in the line here - for your home. It [...]

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Holiday 2015 @ bodygoodies

August 27, 2015

woooooo! ok sooooo you all pretty much have an idea by now just how excited i get by the holiday season here at BG! and this year - well, im thinking this is the most excited ive been yet! not just because of the things i know that are coming out - but also because [...]

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not just the product, the owner too.

July 22, 2015

bodygoodies has been steadily growing since 2009 when heidi had to move her soap making project out of her house and into a warehouse/garage location in order to sell to whole foods market (which we no longer sell to). prior to that, all the soap making was done in our kitchen, packed up, and shipped [...]

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bar none appreciation

July 15, 2015

so, most of the people who consistently use and purchase bar none typically have sensitivities to beauty products, cleansers, etc.. and bar none is pure, real soap. so, its understood why problematic skin types gravitate towards using that bar as their main bar (even though all of our soaps are very mild and easy on [...]

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