a few years ago, i started a journey to become healthy….  in doing that, i discovered SO much of what goes into my body also gets there topically! from shampoo to body lotion to make up to soap. I started ordering ingredients i would need to make my own so i could stay away from those creepy preservatives that alter your natural hormones etc.
my first shampoo was a flop …..more like….. a total disaster. my milk bath was wonderful on my skin but what if i want a shower?? slop a milk paste all over me?? ack! ……..ahh … soap. my soap……………. my very first batch of soap was absolutely amazing. i knew i found my niche at the very first batch i ever made.

i ended up going to school to become an esthetician. no surprise i quickly became fascinated with all there is to know about it, and, sorta had a head start on my classmates as i had already been into the formulating and scienc-y bits :) I remember walking into class with my bottle of wheatgrass juice and apple for lunch and my classmates looking at me like i belonged out in a pasture somewhere, not with my nose in a book …as they sat there drinking their soda and eating cheeto-crappy-crispy-flavored-fried-air thingies. at that point i had no idea wheatgrass would become one of the favorite ingredients for my soaps.

my mom, also went to school with me to become an esthetician, she ended up opening a gorgeous spa here in town. i was fortunate enough to have wonderful clients trust me and allow me to “test” my soaps on them. the feedback was wonderful.

ive decided its time to share bodygoodies soaps with the world. each bar is carefully formulated personally by me. not out of a book, not off of an online recipe forum…….. and i do not ever use melt and pour soap bases. ever. my soaps are formulated with exceptional ingredients with specific purposes. granted, some of my soaps are great all around bars for anyone with any skin type. and yes, my soaps look really cool…… thats because im an artist in here too :)

sure, i make bars that are well…. fun! they smell good and look great and you cant wait to use it! after all, i have a 10 yr old daughter that begs me to make certain bars and even helps me name them :) in the bodygoodies lineup you will find specific soaps with specific purposes, but you will also find bars that are good for anyone with any skin type. if you have trouble picking one out… shoot me an email and ill recommend the best bar for you :)

my background in skincare and passion to do it is the driving force behind bodygoodies. i care. i care about our planet as well. yes, i recycle :) i also use sustainable and organic oils… my products are as eco friendly as i can make them while keeping them safe for your usage. some of my soaps include the toppiest top of the line fragrance oils, and that is because sometimes, its just safer to use fragrances rather than essential oils. and sometimes…. they just smell really really good!  im not a health snob, but i am health conscious. i use recommended amounts and never over that just to sell a smelly bar of soap. there are a list of benefits to each essential oil, just as there is a list of contraindications…same goes for fragrance oils. it scares me sometimes when i see products being made that have taken none of that into account.

i am a soap maker. i LOVE making soap. i love helping people. i am a mom, im an artist, im fun, intelligent, whimsical and down to earth. i think linguistics are a blast and i hate using caps where they should be used. making up my own words like “toppiest” and “scienc-y” are entertaining to me. i love clean lines and contemporary style, as much as i love the big wooden wrap around porch on old farm homes. i am outside the box. i am inside possible. i overuse emoticon smiley faces and thats fine with me :)

im careful and honest and perhaps a little bit nerdy when it comes to the scientific gritty of soapmaking. I believe in the best. i believe in vast and versatility. flexibility and structure. i believe in science and i believe knowledge is key. i have to know what makes what work , why and how. what is beneficial and why and for who.  and because of these things……  i know…… i make awesome soaps.

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1 Stephanie Myers June 11, 2010 at 8:44 pm

For the name that bar contest—DETOX is the perfect name :) A beach, a cool moijito, sand…it’s all an essential part of detoxing yourself :)

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