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by admin on April 28, 2017


so ive asked michelle to write a blog in her words - all about her love of doing laundry, and our laundry soap bar. Im not a fan of doing laundry. me?  i put it in the wash, i take it out and put it in the dryer and thats good enough for me. but michelle, oh no - laundry is a vacation for her, according to her. she loves to do it. hang it, dry it, love it, stain remove it, for all i know shes got a shrine in her closet with a giant lint ball shes been building for years in the center with lights shining down on it. you get the point…

aside from the ease and versatility of our laundry soap - such as, one bar making 2 entire gallons of laundry soap, or, use half and save the other half for an unbeatable stain remover stick! you can turn it into a thin liquid detergent by grating and mixing into a gallon of warm water, or a thicker concentrate stored in a mason jar to be mixed with water as needed. its chemical free, its a built in fabric softener, and saves you money!  oh yeah, and  you can use it for more than your laundry! read on to see what michelle does with her beloved laundry soap bar!

so here, are in michelles words ( and, fair warning -  there are a lot of them, but a great read!) - why she loves our laundry bar so much.

In this day and time, it seems we are bombarded every day with something new that is bad for us. Don’t eat this, don’t drink the water, don’t breathe.  Everything we come in contact with anymore seems to have the potential to cause harm or even promote conditions that can cause death.  Although it seems extreme, there really is truth behind all of it. Fact is our world has been polluted. The food, water, air.. are not the same as they were 100 years ago.  We all have to eat. We can’t stop breathing. Unless you want to walk around with a gas mask on, you will breathe in toxins. Even if you eat all organic, there are still trace toxins that will make their way into that food no matter what you do. You can only do your best and eliminate what you can. After all, stressing over every little thing will make you sick quicker than the toxins in your food. There is one area of your life, though, where you do have great control. The choices you make in this area can and will make a difference on your health and the health of your family. This choice comes in the form of your cleaning supplies in your home, and specifically, your laundry.  I had NO idea the products that my mom used, and her mom swore by to get super clean and gleaming white laundry,could be harming my insides and outside. My Bodygoodies journey has taken many paths. My first path was obvious, since I suffered skin issues. I started using the products to help my outside, and what do you know? They worked and continue to keep my skin healthy. My second path was the one that lead me to my garbage can, with arms full of an arsenal of cleaning products, laundry detergents, fabric softener , and dryer sheets. I was given some soap that Heidi made for the laundry. Real soap.She told me to replace my detergent and fabric softener/dryer sheets with just a tiny bit of this real soap per load. This little bit of unscented, thin liquid couldn’t possibly clean my laundry! I mean, I don’t just have laundry, I have LAUNDRY! I have dirty,boy children, and an even bigger,  dirty boy husband( he takes down trees for a living and he brings about 25% of a tree job home on his clothes )I have dirt layered with dirt, on top of dirt, and some grease on top of that. Twigs and bugs also come embedded in pockets and creases. To top that off, I get some goo, which I’m  pretty sure science hasn’t even identified yet. All of this yuck needs to come out. Did I really think a tiny bit of this soap could clean all of that? No, I actually didn’t and thought Heidi had finally lost her magic touch, but I was game and gave it a try. And what do you know? It worked. I had to put my thoughts in a corner for ever doubting Heidi. She knows her stuff! Not only did it get the clothes clean, but they were super soft! Softer than any fabric softener had ever made them. I like to hang dry some of my garments, but when using typical laundry products, the clothes would end up stiff. Not so with real soap! And the smell. There was none, but there was no odor either. Just naturally clean and fresh. So I was hooked . I thought if it did that great on my clothes it would work in other areas of cleaning my home. I now use it for floors, counters and even dishes. I eliminated virtually every other cleaning supply in my home. I only have one bleach toilet cleaner that I will use on the occasional stain left behind in my white Corian sink,  by a certain dirty boy that doesn’t know how to rinse a sink out yet! I use my laundry soap to clean my toilets, too. Need a great shower cleaner? Use the laundry soap and a magic eraser to get your shower or tub cleaned quickly! … so all of that amazing cleaning power should be the best part, right? And the fact that I use the same jug over and over for my liquid which is great for the environment and not having to buy a million cleaning products, should be the icing on the proverbial cake. Those things are hands down, fantastic! But, the absolute best thing about pitching all the chemical crap for a bar of real soap has been its effects on the heath of my inside and outside, as well as its effects on my child.
I was diagnosed with asthma when I was 23. My son was diagnosed at the age of 5. I had NO idea that the popular laundry detergent and fabric  softener that was used by my grandma and mom, and then me, could have contributed to our condition. It also was A HUGE CULPRIT  in my eczema that no doctor could ever help me with. It’s crazy what is allowed to go into this stuff, and then we wonder why even tiny little babies and children are suffering with this skin issue! It can be caused, yes caused, by your laundry products. Even if your skin issue stems from an internal source, it can be brought out or worsened by the junk in these products. Just because you may not use it directly on your skin, the residues remain in your clothing and still absorb. AND don’t think switching to a product designed for babies will help either. These “gentle” baby products are the exact same with the same junk, just wrapped up differently. So the next time you wrap up your pink- cheeked,  bundle of joy in that soft blanket, smelling of baby powder kisses, just remember what goes into the products that MADE  that blanket so sweet smelling  and soft. I always had some sort of rash and who knew that all of my skin issues were worsened by this stuff and actually caused some! The fragrance that smells of waterfalls and lilies is only a mask hiding 100s of toxins that are so harmful to your lungs and health! Optical brighteners in most laundry detergents may make your whites sparkle, but do you know they can cause dermatitis? Have you ever been wearing a long sleeve shirt and your body starts to warm up and you begin to itch? You can say thank you to your detergent. This ingredient is a big cause of skin distress in babies and children.  And the damage these products cause your lungs is crazy! Your dryer is like an in- house, gas chamber. The wonderful scent that is being emitted from the machine, the one that reminds you of the air after a spring rain, is slowly damaging your lungs. Who would have known that my asthma was caused by that stuff, and after a few years of it being out of my home, I have no trace of asthma. My son’s lungs are healed as well. No more inhalers! My overall health has so greatly improved that I would not believe it if it hadn’t happened to me. Just do your own research on sodium lauryl sulfate. This stuff is in everything. It is horrible. It is in laundry detergent, and in toothpaste, shampoo, body wash and facewash! It is KNOWN, from many, many, many (did I say many?) studies to cause skin irritation, organ toxicity, neurotoxicity , cellular damage, and so much more! Yet we use it to clean our mouths, skin, and clothing!? WOW is all that can be said. Then you have your waste water from bathes and washing machines flowing out of your house and into fields and waterways.  There is a by-product of sodium lauryl sulfate that filtration can’t remove and it never breaks down. Ever. It is a major groundwater contaminant, known to do so much harm to wildlife and humans.  And it is ALLOWED to be sold to us!
Make the switch. You won’t regret it. Try the detergent alternative- real soap. One bar of Bodygoodies laundry soap bar will make you 2 gallons of laundry concentrate. A little bit goes a long way and you can use it to clean so much more. This newly formulated bar contains a powerhouse, cleaning additive, made from the peels of oranges, called D- limonene. It is food-grade, but tough on grease yet safe on your skin and on the environment!  I love this stuff just as much as I love the soap for my body. But I love to clean (REALLY I do. I even tried it on my muddy, black top driveway. Had to see what it would do! Made cleaning it easy and it didn’t harm the grass) so I get excited every time I use it! For those of you that prefer other forms of fun, you will appreciate how good it cleans and how little you need to use. Less time, and less money spent, makes everyone happy!

michelle :)

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