‘ treatment serum’ soap?

by admin on April 11, 2017

treatmentserumsoapsoooyeah, i brought home this little pot so i could smell it outside of the shop to make sure it smells how i want it to. you see, sometimes, when oils go through the soaping process … they can burn off or enhance certain aspects of it that make it change drastically. however, im happy to say, i think these oils are making it through the process just fine…. and this bar should be available for sale in about a month.¬† whats in it? why was i so excited about it that i couldnt even wait to cut the soap tomorrow before bringing some home? well.. let me tell you..

yesterday, as i was getting ready - i put my treatment serum on as i always do …. and realized just how much i love the scent of it. i guess i didnt even realize how much i loved it - because i think when it first came out, i wasnt even too crazy about it - i just used it because of what all of the things in the bottle do for my skin. i didnt design the treatment serum to smell good, i put together ingredients that i specifically chose for their skincare benefits …. and how it smelled, was how it smelled.

but i think over time - i guess ive grown to absolutely adore the scent, which made me have a desire to make it into a soap. although ridiculously expensive to make, i was on a mission to make it….. and so i did. last night i went to the shop and began blending the oils - i felt like i was pouring pure gold down the drain knowing the cost of the oils going into thisbar, but, as my ideas have always had me…. nothing stops me from my quests. id probably have been great in the military… no, wait, i take that back… i have trouble following orders ;)

alright, so - this bar - is basically the treatment serum in a soap. its the exact essential oils + silk aminos, and ive added some australian blue clay ( since i cant exactly put clay in the serum, it definitely would be if i was able to) lol. giving the bar aside from some added skin care benefits, a nice slip to the lather which will also make this soap a great shaving bar.

now, i dont think any bar in the line will ever surpass cruds reputation to the point it outsells it, or our performs it - but i do think this bar will be a fantastic bar to add to your regimen as a little switch up from the normal crud. it has things to offer that crud doesnt, and just as i switch from crud to frenchy or crud to fij from time to time so i can get some ingredients from other bars that crud doesnt have - ill be giving this bar a whirl as a facial soap and see what i think of it. if it does well? its very likely it will return.

alright all, im off -  back to the shop to make the dreaded bodywhips that i started this morning. ugh. ugh. feel free to swing by and hit me over the head so i have an excuse to not make them today!

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