when i mess up - you get free stuff!

by admin on April 5, 2017

haahahahaha!! no really, you do. lol

im laughing out loud as i type this, ive been laughing all morning actually, and if you happened to be in the shop this AM, you may have even heard me back there laughing like a crazy person. so, why is this so funny? well.. lol a few reasons actually. well, to begin with, i absolutely hate making the bodywhips….im pretty sure you all know that by now. they drive me up the wall- they take sooo long to make, they are so so very temperature temperamental, and ingredient sensitive. i mean, everything has got to be absolutely perfect for these things to come out - perfect. right, so aside from that -  out of alllllll the things i make, i have never messed up a product more than i have the whips. it took years to finally figure it all out - and now, unless there is some new ingredient going in - i pretty much have it down to a science to get them made correctly.  but - i still.hate.them.  they take ALL day, sometimes two days to make. sometimes something distracts me and the base gets too thick too quick to get them into the pots and ive got to melt it all down and go back through the whole process again. they are messy, they are my ENEMY - but i know you love them so i continue to torture myself with making them for you. lol

ahem, lol.. ahem, sooooooo yesterday i had three pots of whips to make - knowing full well my entire day and night would be spent getting these things done. and the first pot i made i decided to bring back the much loved coconut scent. however, i decided to use a pure coconut shavings scent rather than the toasted coconut you are all used to. all was going well…. until it was nearing the end of the whipping - as they started to set up - they began to separate. something was very wrong - and the only thing i could possibly think of was the new coconut oil was just a bit too much for the formula. frustrated as all get out - i decided to package some up and come back to it later to see what sort of creation it was exactly that i was making. so, i returned in the evening to finish the other two pots of whips - they turned out perfect, which further pointed to the coconut oil being the issue.

so, i decided to melt back down allllll of the coconut whip base, and let it sit overnight to see if the oils would separate out in the pot - when i came in this morning - the top looked perfect, like i could whip it up and stick it right in the pots for sale, however hahahha.. when i stuck the blender in - the entire bottom of the pot was ALL liquid. i mean, a complete separation. ive never ever ever seen this happen. and then i noticed, the amount of liquid was FAR more than the coconut oil amount that went in. so i scratched me head for a bit… like, whutheheckisgoingon!!! sooooo…. i recalled using a new castor oil for one of the batches LMFAO  sorry i just cant stop laughing.. lol… so i went back to look at the castor oil container to get a product number so i could call my supplier and begin asking questions… only to realize.. the CASTOR oil i used was in fact, VEGETABLE GLYCERIN!! bwahahhahaa…. yeah, well, theres my answer. lolllllll glycerin and oil mix? NOPE lol NOPE, not gonna happen heid.

can i turn it into something else?? NOPE, NOPE, not gonna happen heid. soooooooooooooo ive got a few pots of this disaster sitting at the shop - its ALL great ingredients, its just NOT ever going to be the bodywhip. lol oh its whipped, its whipped to death in fact… in my futile attempt at saving it. HA!! HAAAAA!

listen, i have no idea how bad its going to separate out over time, i have no idea at all. it may stay partially whipped, it may not. it may grow aliens in it overnight that greet you next time you open the lid for all i know. but - for those of you brave enough to get your hands on my disaster - just come in the shop and let us know you want to, and its yours, free. lol yes, free. i mean, i could toss it all out, or i could give it away. right? right. its still got all the wonderful butters and oils, it just also happens to have vegetable glycerin, and although its super moisturizing for the skin, it just doesnt belong in my bodywhip formula, for obvious reasons. LIKE SEPARATION. omg i cant believe i did this. lol

those of you that know me know i am a bit of a perfectionist, but i also have a sense of humor. so, im willing to let you all share my laugh with me on this mess that happened in my pot overnight.  i will say, it smells amazing :D so ill be bringing it out once my castor oil comes in!

oh, and dont worry about giving me any feedback on it - lol i have NO PLANS of ever bringing this back lol!!

until next,


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