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by admin on January 10, 2017

2107 Hi guys!

hope youre all having a great start to the new year! - enjoying some goodies gifted to you for xmas, hopefully ;) new years resolution? well, ive given up completely on the ” be more organized one” ive tried that i think every year for the last 10 and its never been a success. my ” be organized” note to self just gets lost somewhere and nothing changes. HA.. so this year, my resolution is to create a tiny little sliver of time for myself. each week. whether its to go for a drive, go to the gym without a time pressure to get to work,  paint my nails, do nothing, create art,  or sit here and blog. just quiet time for me and my thoughts, i need that.

my new best friend, amazon alexa. is keeping me quite happy and helping me manage life way more than my “be organized note to self resolutions” ever have! i checked my to-do list on her this morning and was told i need to do a blog post on our plans for 2017 - so here we go! thanks alexa!

last year i played around quite a bit with all the new ” healthy” fragrance oils that have recently become available - and i definitely enjoyed using them, feeling confident i could bring out some really unique blends and yet still keep you all free from harmful ingredients. so, that was fun for me, and hopefully you too. for whatever reason - 2016 had me using a lot of florals and a lot of sweet stuff. I do however, really really miss my essential oil only blends. im craving them. just as the mood i was in during the holidays was a lot of sweet scents - im craving earthy deep blends, and clean fresh herbacious blends and maybe a mix of the two. you can expect some mash up scents of two different bars combined (the first one is currently out - dig+joost) literally its half dig, half joost. also some flashback bars from somewhere in the past ( currently accepting suggestions) ;) and some new scents and bars that youve never before had.as always, as you know i get bored easily. heh.

ok so…our annual release of ” sweeties garden” is underway,  .. and some of the other seasonal soaps that pop in every year might become annual as well. one of my favorite floral bars from the past is going to be making an appearance this year as well. i havent made it in years and i am really excited to bring a batch of it out. dont ask me what it is - its a secret ;)

speaking of secrets - everyone wants to know - are the meltdowns staying?? yes, yes they are. thats no secret. and its no secret that they have become one of my favorite things ive ever created. im one of those people that seem unable to take my time in the morning.. i am rushing from the minute my eyes pop open at 5:30 until they close at night ( very late night typically  lol) , so the meltdowns have become such a great thing to me - as i can put my lotion on while in the shower and not feel that i am spending all sorts of time on myself getting ready to leave the house .. as i am always in a hurry to get on with my day. plus, im killing like three birds with one stone! im exfoliating - im applying lotion - and i smell amazing after! ha. so if you havent checked out the meltdowns.. please take the chance and do so. i love them so much i have decided to keep them around this year - even though they were initially brought out to be a ltd holiday product, i just cant imagine my shower without them now.

the meltdowns were born out of a desire i had -to create a shower lotion. I was messing around with it last year, some of you even received samples to try, and the feedback on it was awesome. so i was going to do that this year for the holidays… but the idea of having more packaging to mess with was making me crazy. i already felt we used too much plastic at bg, so i was looking for a way to  to cut back on the footprintt i felt bg was leaving too heavy on the planet. we had so many different scrubs and lotions and such, and of course holiday time always meant more - and the packaging for those just seems so bulky and wasteful.  i was determined to find a way to get a lotion/scrub out - that required minimal packaging. hence, the meltdowns. and to kickoff their launch to the line officially, they are on special this week for 5.50 … yep. in fact, speaking of price, im hoping since ive decided to bring them to the line, that i can knock down the price permanently,  since i will be ordering larger qty of the stuff i need to get them made. i will keep you posted on that as soon as i get pricing worked out with the new order coming in.

You also may have noticed the packaging on the soaps changing. we did away with the rubber band, although reusable, at the end of the day - eventually that thing is going to wind up in a dump site somewhere, and  id rather see a piece of paper go there than a rubber band.  i might even switch up the soap packaging once more. ive got an idea im currently working on. we will see. ive also got a few things ill be switching around as far as seasonal soaps - so many soaps have come out as the years have gone on …. so many are so loved, but i cant possibly keep up with production on all of them, all year round - keeping on top of that many ingredients and that many different things to squeeze into production, on top of all of the different products we make now, it would be incredibly difficult. so bear with me as the line may change somewhat - but rest assured, the staple bars will always be here (crud, rooibos, frenchy, monster chunk mint, bar none, low tide, fij… and…. bar 21) , thats right - im happy to announce bar 21 has made its comeback to the line as a staple soap. so for all of you missing the shampoo bar - get your hands on bar 21 and give it a whirl. it really does a fantastic job as being a shampoo bar.

ok, i think that about wraps things up here - oh and just a heads up  -  ive already started cracking away at the new stuff coming out - if you stop in the shop youll see 4 new ltd soaps and a few different sorts of meltdowns. Oh, and the signature scent that everyone fell in love with over the holidays is back in a solid lotion form. oooh….and i almost forgot…we have some  patchouli + vanilla wax tarts currently out! which are currently making my house smell AMAZING btw. its making the work from home day i am having, an evenwayawesomer one. sitting here with my pup, my coffee, and filling you all in on what to expect this year at bg. If you have any suggestions, of course id love to hear them. so feel free to comment on the Facebook post - maybe some long lost soaps we havent made in a while? favorite scents that have come and gone? etc… im all ears!

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