There is no thank you big enough

by admin on November 27, 2016

I walked into the shop today - expecting to begin cleaning up from the madness of yesterday - right away. I walked in, looked around.. Took a big deep breath. Wow.. I thought - these little piles of soap left.  These little bins of meltdowns, the half full boxes of chapsticks.. my first thought after that was … OMG how am I going to get more made fast enough to support the rest of the season.. But what followed that thought brought tears to my eyes.

All these little everything’s that make up the Bodygoodies line … That my mind dreams up and my own two little hands make..are all in your homes. Whether it’s for personal use, or to be given as a gift… You chose bg. I stood there in the center of the shop, crying …, it’s a feeling I’ll never quite be able to put words to.. To be so humbled, and so flattered, and so grateful all at once in equal parts. “Happy” is an understatement .. For how it feels to know that what I create is not only welcomed by you, but valued by you,  loved by you, some cases needed by you, and chosen by you to pass along to your friends and family as something special. A gift.

There is no gift greater to me ( aside from my daughter) than having the opportunity to help people, make people happy , and bring something to their lives for the better. The bonus? I get to do it every day. I love my job every day. As hard as business is - the reward of getting through another day of the parts about it that I don’t like in order to make all of the good parts possible -  make it all worthwhile.  I can’t imagine any other job in the world that would mean as much, that id love as much, that would be as rewarding. It’s not all fun, it’s a lot of hustle, things gone wrong, malfunctions, sleepless nights, paperwork I don’t understand… Tired, tired feet lol … But,  The freedom to create, the busy it keeps my restless mind,  the lives I am able to be a part of in a beneficial way, knowing I’m doing something positive and honest, To bring something good to you- that’s worth every bit of it.

It was an  overwhelming slew of emotions I felt today. Goosebumps, tears, a pounding heart, and a smile across my face you could see from miles away.

I wished so much my mom was still here to see this. Or to pick up the phone so I could call and tell her all about this.  I thought that today too. As I was standing there - man I wish I could call my mom. She would be so proud of me. I wish she could see where things have grown to. So instead, I just had a little chat from my  heart to hers, and know she heard me.

I wish I knew a way to say thank you bigger than this- to each and every one of you. From the very deepest part of my big heart, thank you. Thank you so so very much.

until next,

- Heidi

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