2016 holiday goodies

by admin on November 24, 2016

Hi guys!


so… we are almost here. our big holiday launch set for small business saturday is just 2 days away. figure its time i get a post out here to give you a heads up on what weve been keeping so secret all of these months. It seems as the years go by, i am driven by certain scents, and most of the products coming out at that time tend to all lean in a certain direction - this year, just so happened to be sweets. Normally im not really a fan of those scents - but for some reason, every idea i had ended up somewhere between bakery and bakery. lol i did manage to squeeze a scent in which has become our holiday signature scent for 2016 - and even though its a sandalwood patchouli blend, it does still include a nice warm vanilla.

anywho - as i was thinking up all of these sweet treat type soaps - i realized a lot of people had come in over the years requesting certain bars that were out at holiday time - and i thought hmm… perhaps i should do a flashback line up for this holiday ? so, thats what ive done. In it, you will find some of our most popular bars that were once part of the line, you will also find ltd edition soaps that were here for the holidays and gone when it was over. to some of you- youll be happy to get your hands on one of your old favorites, and to others, they will be completely new - as you may not have ever had the pleasure of owning one of these bars in its prime.

Part of our holiday line every year is our classic xmas bar, and a black/white bar. these are both also going to be released on saturday. but i think the biggest surprise we’ve been working on is something that people have never forgotten, and often ask about as soon as the holidays are nearing - are we ever going to make those cute little snowmen again….. why yes… yes, we are. we have done so this year to celebrate our flashback. These little guys are hand created, out of pure peppermint soap and i absolutely love making them!!! although time consuming, its so fun watching them come to life. they each have their own little personality, if you will. honestly, i hate parting with them - theyre like little kids to me lol….they make me so happy every time i look over at them! we also thought it would be fun for you to dress your own snowman, so we have a variety of material scarves cut - for you to choose your scarf after your snowman has chosen you ;)

we also thought it would be fun to include some trees this year - so you will find a few of those as well :)

something else ive wanted to do for years - the lump of coal soap. im sooo happy to have finally got them done this year. they are hand molded as well, and cut to resemble an actual lump of coal. they are fun, and smell amazing with crisp pine, and rich balsam, the scent reminds me of walking through a freshly frosted forest. the packaging is pretty fun on these too!

there will be a couple of new soaps too - never before released.

aside from soap - you will find a whole new twist on the new product of the year - our massive meltdowns. we have 4 new scents of those coming out - but - also- wait..for…it….. yeaaahhh meltdown cookies! hand formed, 3 different classic cookie scents - chocolate, almond, and lemon. we also will have multiple new bath bomb scents, and sizes available…. as well as a few new chapstick flavors.

i think the thing im most excited about - are the two main giveaways. im going to do a separate  post on fb describing how all of that is going to go down, and you can pass it along to your friends and try to win your self one :)

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