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by admin on October 13, 2016

just a quick heads up on how the holidays are happening here this year….


in the past, bodygoodies has reserved one special holiday product release day, every month - from september - december, but this blog post - is to let you know things are changing this year, if you hadnt already noticed.

just as always, we are releasing limited edition soaps, lotions and everything else that we make here… some of the soaps will only be made once, and once theyre gone theyre gone - such as the beer soap - the wine soap, etc. but then, there are some bars that will stick around throughout the season and wont leave us until we close the door on december 23.  there also will be some products aside from soap sticking around through the season, certain solid lotion scents, certain whip scents, even certain products - such as the new massive melts.

as far as when they are released - im letting them slowly trickle out this year. im not stressing myself out with launch days which usually wound up with me pulling an all-nighter the night before because i was way less prepared than i thought i was until it came down to the actual release.

the only actual “special day” planned is set for small business saturday -  we are grateful all year round for your support, so we like to do something a little extra special on the day designated to show little dogs like us support to those who choose to include us in their businesses to stop at list.  ( day after big dawg black friday).so be sure to check in on that day!

as usual, ive got things of up my sleeves that i cant wait to release - so as soon as theyre ready ill be getting them out in the shop and online for sale.  so be sure to keep an eye on things here as we get through another exciting holiday season.

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