massive meltdowns

by admin on September 30, 2016

so whats the deal with these?

basically its a moisturizer you can soak in, or scrub on - while you bathe and/or shower. they are 3.5 oz spheres of awesomeness, releasing all sorts of healthy, beneficial ingredients to really nourish your skin. ( i have a feeling these are going to be my must-have skin treat for these brutal ohio winters!)


whats funny is… i wasnt planning on making them. not even a thought anywhere in the holiday line up. but after using mine today - im definitely understanding the demand for a product like this. my skin STILL feels amazing from using it this morning. i had seen products similar to this over the years… but i never really cared to even try them because most times they contain the fizzy stuff which i dont want on my skin. second, even if they were the moisturizing sort, they often were made with coconut oils… or shea butter. two oils i would never soak my skin in. coconut oil, because its got such a high comedogenic rating ( pore clogging properties) and shea due to its high latex content which causes all sorts of topical issues from severe allergic responses to mild dermatitis. - however, as i was making the most recent batch of the caramelized honey shower sugar … painfully breaking up the clumps of raw honey that were attempting to mix with loads of sugar… i took a bit of the mix into my hand, squeezed it.. made a little sugar ball.. and thought man, id love to just soak in this stuff, my hands are killing me! just plop it in the tub and just rest my tired hands from all of this work. … and as i sat there mixing, and mixing, my head started filling up with so many ideas i had to stop what i was doing to start writing them down…. and as i began writing them down.. i realized i was actually building formulas… not just jotting a few little ideas. … once i had the formulas going, i began scouring for ingredients… and as soon as i realized i had them all… the sugar scrub sat in the bin the rest of the night… as i stood over my work benches like the crazy woman i am… until 2am… making these, instead. yeah…welcome to my mind.  its a miracle i ever get anything done with how badly i get distracted right? and its also no wonder i make too many products to ever fully keep up on stock….welcome to my life. lol sheesh.

alright, so when i was creating these, as usual… i had a few ideas i needed to mess with - so this first round of massive meltdowns is sort of a test run to see what i think performs best.. what customers seem to like most.. and any feedback that i need to take on board to begin tweaking into perfection for the future. i knew i didnt want a fizzy bath bomb.. first of all its so typical, but from a skincare standpoint its really not something id like to see bg customers using. every once in a while, sure…. but i dont want to create a product that our customers could continuously use which contains citric acid or sodium bicarbonate for that matter, and i didnt want to upset customers by only bringing them out once… so i knew these were going to be along the lines of a product that would melt into your bath water with the intent to nourish the skin, something that would be safe to use often, good for you, and available to you all year round. my biggest problem with them, is that im terrified one of you is going to slip and hurt yourself after the oils melt onto your tubs and shower stalls! but there is definitely a demand for a product like this… and i guess if people dont mind cleaning their slippery showers out… ill give them a whirl here in the bg line.. but please please be careful!

alright, so..initially i was creating them with the intent and purpose to be a bath soak. however …, without time for things like relaxing .. decided to give the product a whirl by simply using it on my skin while i took my shower this morning. i was SHOCKED. lol.. the stuff feels amazing! and… the oily residue id imagine to be less messy in the shower than it would be a tub, as most of the oils are melting onto your skin, rather than melting into a tub of water and sticking to the sides……………………….. so as my head would have it… ive decided to give a more solid form a whirl.. and thats exactly what im here at the shop working on tonight. yes, another product.  Although the current massive meltdowns CAN be used by holding them and scrubbing/moisturizing your body, i just personally feel that by using them this way - they wont last as long as id like them to for this sort of use, they will be a bit messier than they need to be, and i know i can design a great product to be an actual solid shower scrub/melt. in fact, ive already got the name…. these ones will be the mega meltdowns. lol and i might just be having one :D

ive already got a little test run of them made… and will be listing those online in the next week or so. the nice thing about both of these products, is we should be able to ship them online all year round as the melt point is much higher on these than it is on things like the bodywhip. i really do love the first round of massive meltdowns that is currently out -however i havent used them in the bath, just the shower… so id love to hear any feedback from you all once youve tried them.

thanks for keeping up with whats going down here at bg!

until next,


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