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six staple soaps

six staple soaps

bodygoodies makes soap, a lot of soap, a lot of different soaps.  some of which come and go, some of which come and stay for a season, but some… are here all year round, and have been around for a long long time with no plans of ever leaving.

let me to introduce you to rooibos tea, frenchy, fij, monster chunk mint, crud and bar none.

now although we have all sorts of soaps to choose from, these 6 bars are the soaps we consider to be the staple soaps. why?

well, when bodygoodies began, it began as any other hobby soap maker turned business does. friends and family using them, then branching into local craft shows, and before you know it - youre in business. the thing that sets bodygoodies apart from so many other soap companies - is that we come from a skincare background.  as an experienced esthetician, qualified, part of the skincare world - licensed to study and treat skin, and having done so for quite some time. bodygoodies has been treating skin long before bodygoodies was a business.

so when i began making soap - my first couple of soaps were just to see if i could get it right. as my soap making evolved, so did my ingredient knowledge and use. i learned what would and could work in soap, what can go in and still contain its beneficial properties and what wouldnt. as more and more people were coming to me with skin issues, i started designing bars around those issues to help with certain things. even though soap is technically your cleanser, and should not be used as or relied upon as a ” treatment” these 6 bars cover all sorts of bases and can only serve to help battle certain issues…. yet simple enough to simply be a great bar of soap for anyone who suffers no issues whatsoever.these 6, were created with purpose, a specific idea went into the formula for specific functions to come out.  i guess what im trying to say is - theyre in their own class in the entire line of bg soaps. we make all sorts…..and all of them area great, safe, gentle and all but one can be used head to toe…..but these 6 were made for a reason and stay for a reason. ;)

so whats the deal with the six staple soaps? why do we keep them? well… ill do a little breakdown of each bar ….. and you can find out.

bar none - its exactly that. theres nothing in it. its just soap. just plain, real, handmade, cold process soap. there are no scents, no colors, no clays, no exfoliants. its just soap. a lot of people use bar none on babies, or pets with sensitive skin,  its also a well suited bar to use as laundry detergent or shampoo. its a versatile bar that has a very loyal following. its also one that people who are extremely sensitive to pretty much anything theyve used in the past from other product makers seem willing to try from bodygoodies - so we start them here with bar none… and most times, they end up using anything from us, but its the versatility and reassurance that bar none offers - that there is absolutely nothing in this bar aside from the fact that its just soap, that keeps this bar in our line up.

rooibos tea - rooibos tea was created with the intent to heal and soothe. patchouli oil is known for its ability to calm inflammation, and also possesses some great antibacterial properties. the combination of antioxidant rich tea, with soothing patchouli and calming lavender - makes rooibos tea our go to bar when it comes to calming things down.  we recommend this bar when people come to us with irritation, rash, topical sensitivity, itch, inflammation, eczema and acne. its gentle enough to use on babies, and effective enough for everyone. although this bar shares some ingredients with others, it also lacks others, such as exfoliants, clays or muds. its smooth, its gentle and its simple.

frenchy - frenchy was designed with a few things in mind - i wanted a bar that felt incredibly clean, like you knew you removed any sort of anything gross you may have been exposed to throughout the day, a deodorant bar with the ability to really get the grime off,  yet - be able to do so in such a way that you felt like you went to a spa to do it.  frenchy features oat flour throughout the bar ( youd never even know its there, you cant really even see it) but you can feel it. its creamy and smooth, it will also calm irritation such as rooibos tea does, but it does so accompanied by the antibacterial punch and relaxing aroma packed by pure lavender oil. this is the bar i find myself reaching for after a really good workout. but again, its gentle enough to use on babies, all over body, faces, and its got a long loyal list of fans who do.

monster chunk mint -  monster chunk mint was created out of my need for a soap that would contain astringent and antibacterial properties, to be used as a shaving soap… to kill things off, and close things up so that during the shaving process, just in case there were nicks or scrapes on freshly irritated skin - but yet also serve the purpose of making the shave less likely to do any of that - so i added tapioca starch and cocoa to put a little extra smooth slip in the lather and softening properties to the skin. … a bar was born to ensure all would be good when your shaving is said and done.

fij - fij is a bar designed sort of as a combination of rooibos tea and monster chunk mint, yet with the addition of two beneficial facial clays and a touch of mud. these clays are not used to dry up oily skin as one might think, but rather to deliver minerals and vitamins the other bars cannot do.( not even crud lol) … in combination with all of the awesome qualities patchouli and spearmint oil have to offer. fij is a tried and true consistent favorite facial soap by many bodygoodies customers, for a very long time. it also makes a great shaving bar due to the slip provided by the clays, and a soothing, soft, creamy bar for all over body use.

crud - ha. where to begin and how to end? crud is our most popular soap in this line up. crud actually took the place of a bar that used to be in the line called ” the salt bar” - it was designed originally to help with issues associated with psoriasis. however, the same things used to help with those issues, also help with a laundry list of other issues with skin conditions such as acne, eczema, rosacea, seborrhea, keratosis pilaris, etc…  so during the bars reformulation ( in order to remove the fragrance oil involved in the original bar) i added ingredients to really hone in on covering all of the most common skin issues - -and get it done in one bar of soap. now, even though crud was really created for this purpose, the thing about crud is - all of the ingredients that make it such a phenomenal bar for those things, also happen to make it an incredible bar for anyone - whether they have an issue, or none at all. its a perfectly balanced, mineral rich, super calming, antibacterial, midly exfoliating, moisture rich bar of soap that offers everything youd want in a facial soap, a body soap, and even a shampoo bar.  its gentle, its versatile, its simple yet complex. it makes perfect sense and gets the job done.

so, there you have it. the breakdown of our six staple soaps and why. and although some of them may sound similar, we promise you there is a good reason they are here individually and assure you we have no plans of ever having any of these bars leave the line. although you may go to purchase one and see its sold out from time to time - we guarantee its only temporary. sometimes there seems to be a surge in sales we didnt see coming, and assume someone has recently posted a blog or something of the sort which gets the bar a boost in popularity… sometimes a certain ingredient may be impossible to obtain …..but we get the bar into production as soon as possible as we know all of these bars have a very loyal fan base and…. we like to keep you all happy ;)

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