almond + lavender and its 6 day sell out

by admin on September 23, 2016

almond + lavender

almond + lavender

im always dreaming up soaps - some actually make it to production, some get forgotten within minutes as im distracted by pretty much anything, some get made and dont even come close to how good it sounded in my head, and sometimes - sometimes a soap gets created that comes to life even better than the dream. the almond + lavender bar is one of those.

my boyfriend (hes a farmer, yep, really ) hand picked me some oats from the farm…. as soon as i saw them i couldnt stop my mind from creating the bar. i couldnt let the idea go, i couldnt wait to make it. I knew exactly how i wanted it to look, feel and lather. … but the scent…. i couldnt make a decision… i was torn between scenting it with lavender, or almond, so i decided to mix the two. ….. and it was perfect. it captured everything in my minds eye for this soap.

theres always a bit of surprise in making a soap for the first time. things can go drastically wrong in an instant…. the entire plan can be thrown out the window and you find  yourself scurrying to smash, mash, jam, hammer, cram anything you can to get the dang stuff into the mold before losing the entire batch. sometimes, you have your whoooooole bar planned out and no matter what you thought your bar was going to look like…. it turns out nothing like it. sometimes things seem ok, until you cut it, or it cures a completely different color ….heck , even the scent can change! seriously, like BAD - ive had bars that smell like the most amazing evergreen forest going in and somehow cat piss comes out! not even kidding. lol couldnt even rebatch that one… it went straight to the trash. like how does that even happen? some invisible evil soap troll snuck in the batch and ???  i mean… lol…. ok but then somtetimes, sometimes the surprise is the best surprise… when the bar not only turns out as you hoped, planned and dreamed about… but it beats it all 10 fold! yeah, that was the almond lavender bar.

i cut the first row…. ah hah! NAILED IT!! kinda take a peek to make sure no one is looking and high five myself…. like a jump in the air sort of high five… yanno :D its exciting, still, after all of these years…. i get just as excited today as i did way back when.

and … well, i guess i was excited for good reason - apparently everyone else liked the bar as much as i did…. so heres what happened ..

typically when i release a ltd batch - it sticks around for about a month. i know if the feedback coming in is good that i should probably whip up another batch so have on back up - but this time? it sold out in 6 days. s.i.x……d.a.y.s. i was in panic mode… happy that everyone loved it… but terrified because i knew there was none on back up! so i brought the few bars i had stashed for myself back to the shop…  and we sold the few we had held back for online sales off too - meanwhile, i was picking those oats off the stems and whipping up a batch to begin curing right away - and another, and another. this bar… theres just something about it - its simple, its beautiful, its got homegrown goodness, its clean, its classic, its creamy, its just everything i want a bar of soap to be. i love everything about this har.

so, if youve seen it pop up here and there in our facebook posts or browsed it on the website - and think it might be a bar youd like… i suggest getting your hands on it while you can as i have a feeling this one is going to continue to sell out faster than i can continue to squeeze it into my holiday production - but im going to do my best to stock it through the rest of the year. ( and selfishly, i dont think i can go without this one ) -  sooooo yeah, if you get the chance to get yourself one…. heres a high five - from  me. lol

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