caramelized honey sugar scrub

by admin on June 18, 2016


today as i was showering, i reached for the new sugar scrub i had made last week… ive been using it more than ive ever used any scrub ive ever made, or purchased.  I realized it wasnt there and i felt bummed, like seriously bummed. to the point i considered getting out of the shower, coming out to the table where i had set it in order to take a picture of it for the blog i planned to do for it over the weekend. however, i decided to just finish my shower without it, but dang it …i really missed the way my skin feels and smells after using it.

as i was getting ready, i found a bottle of hair dye, granted, i had already showered.. hair was dry, ready to leave the house - but for days ive been saying how badly i need to get hair dye, not realizing i had an extra already here. when i found it, i thought hmmm…. if i dye my hair, and shower again… i can remember to put the scrub in the shower and get to use it.

so, here i sit, blogging, with dye on my head, waiting to get to use my scrub! so let me take a minute here to tell you all why i am loving this stuff so much!

im typically not really into scrubs - i mean, they are nice now n then… to treat your feet to a pedi, or maybe a light scrub on the body after using a smooth soap.. but most times i just dont have the time to waste on an extra step in my daily regimen. not for something that doesnt really do anything i dont really need anyhow. but this scrub allows me to skip a step - after using this stuff, i dont need to apply any moisturizer because it does it for me, while im in the shower. i get out - and im ready to go.

but aside from just moisturizing…. it softens my skin, not just because there are a couple of AMAZING oils in there - ( and i really mean amazing, like baobab, jojoba, meadowfoam, oat…. ) -  but because honey and sugar have properties which actually soften the skin at a deeper level.  so the way this product is designed, is to actually melt into your skin. its very different from salt scrubs, and even most sugar scrubs, because of the honey… and you might think ewww… sounds sticky, but i assure you - the way its formulated in combination with the oils, and two types of sugar, one which melts instantly with water, and the other to stay large enough to offer a bit of physical scrub….. this stuff is no sort of ewwww…. no kind of sticky… its just incredible. and it smells…omg… it smells.heavenly.

the scent comes from natural honey and sugar smells combined with rich vanilla bean, coffee and cacao. think brown sugar  and honey with a cup of caramel coffee and youd be close. the fragrance oils used are free of the 7 known toxins found in most fragrance oils… so we assure you they are safe. mostly made from natural vanilla, cacao and coffee oils, but when blended they must by law deem them ” fragrance oils”.

the texture of this scrub is also different than most, it may change a bit in the next batch i make, as this one was  made on a whim and as you know im always looking for a way to improve things…there are a few ingredients i want to add to it…   but i do want to keep it loose packed like it is … i hate most scrubs, scooping into a gross mess of oil and slathering it all over my body, i cant stand the way all of that oil feels on my body …. so this scrub has a perfect amount of oil… and with the honey and sugar melting in as the warm water reaches it… it helps to spread what oil is in there, into your skin. its just fantastic.  the scrub is loose in your hand, i usually mix a bit of water into my hand with the srub, put both my hands together and then apply it all over body. i love this stuff so much i am using it from the neck skin is so soft, smells great, and has a really nice healthy glow after using it.

is it a necessary daily product? no, it is beneficial? absolutely. its a luxury product which has a ton of benefits from the awesome oils , raw honey and sugars used…and it also skips a step in your regimen ;)

im probably going to keep this one around a while… so go ahead and fall in love with it!

online listing will go up over the weekend - keep an eye out for it - local fans, come on in and grab yourself one… they are already out for sale in store.

until next,


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