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by admin on June 16, 2016

this post is following up on our earlier post about simple skincare, in which we really emphasized how important is is to take a less is more approach to your skin. In that post, we wound up talking about crud, our most popular face soap - which lead me into discussing our two facial serums more than i had planned in that post, so ive decided to follow up here on a few more topics i really want to touch base on.

back before i was making my own product…. i had so many things i used on my face and body i could have probably stocked an entire isle in a beauty supply store. from brightening complexes, vitamin c serums, and toners, to cleansers, leave in conditioners, scrubs for my feet, my body, my face… refreshing body sprays, showers gels, rice milk rinses, and lotions? HA i wont even get into how many different lotions i had. it was pathetic, now, looking back. i dont know how i didnt create my own unique skin disease on myself from all of the products i used.

and why are there so many different SORTS of things? toner? who needs toner? its unnecessary if you are using a balanced soap and serum/moisturizer. lip scrub? are you even kidding me? if your lips are that chapped that you think you need a lip scrub, you should probably drink more water and try switching whatevver lipstick or gloss you are using, eye make up remover, facial scrub, clay mask,  brightening complex, vitamin c serum, under the eye serum, hair removal lotion, tanners, make up,….. i mean, if you were to apply each of these things in one day ( which may sound like a lot to some of you, but may also sound familiar to some of you ) i mean - do the math…. how many ingredients total have you just exposed your body to?????? how many are exposed multiple times??????

you see, the thing is….. most of those lotions, serums etc.. are marketed to you by zeroing in on one or two good ingredients in the bottle…. what they avoid telling you, is how much crap is also in there! most large companies use a pre-made lotion base (pure white creamy crap that smells like a hospital)  - you can find them all over the internet ….. lol even ” organic” ones… right, organic my arse. FYI - a product only has to contain 30% organic ingredients in order for a company to market it as such. isnt that disturbing? so imagine what other sorts of ingredients may be in there. yeah, nothing id put on my own body, thats for certain! oh, and i cant even stand the whole “naturally derived ” ingredients… dont let me start. so they buy a base of total crap, loaded with altered and chemically derived man made ingredients - stick a couple of good-ish things in it.. and sell it to you to use on the largest organ - your skin. and when are you using it? well, theres a huge percentage of people that use their lotions right after their showers  -whats wrong with that? oh nothing, if youre using bodygoodies, but if youre using a store bought otc lotion you are only exposing your freshly opened pores from your nice warm shower to a ton of terrible chemicals. thats all.

…… that said, lets take an actual natural product for example…. something that isnt made of “derived” ingredients …  something that actually is made of natural and organic ingredients - there are a lot of natural product makers out there - a LOT. (((((aside from the fact that most of them are not even licensed to actually create products))))), what  i notice is that most of them are just throwing an abundance of ingredients into a jar or bottle - most of which could be eliminated because theres already an ingredient in there doing the same things  - its almost as if they just go look up, or have heard that ” XYZ” is good for * yadda yadda* and they stick it in the formula…. by the time theyre done, theres 35 ingredients in there, 20 of which are unnecessary …… which leads me to the entire point of this post…. WHY expose your skin to SO MANY ingredients if you dont NEED to. less is more, less ingredients means less opportunity for problems. period. less possibility of allergens, less cost, less of a footprint on the environment… less headache. choose the safest ingredients, effective ingredients, researched thoroughly ingredients, and you dont need 35 of them to do the job youre looking to do. … and you dont have 35 opportunities to have a reaction to something, and if by chance you do have a reaction to something its a heck of a lot easier to narrow it down if the label only has 12 ingredients vs 35. ….now we’re talking. LESS IS MORE.

at bg, we take the most simple approach to skin as we can. we use minimal ingredients because we arent here to stick a name on a label and hope it sells to you because youve ” heard” its good - we do the research, we do the work, and with educated, carefully chosen ingredients and common sense, we bring a product to you that does what you need, without overdoing anything - yet covering as much as possible with the least amount of ingredients. - to have safe, healthy, minimal skincare, head to toe. we care that you dont expose your body to horrible chemicals,  or overload yourself on natural ingredients that could potentially be an issue for some. we care to keep your regimen simple. we care to keep the cost as minimal as we can.

alright, if you made it to here - i encourage you to go take a peek in your product cabinet add up your ingredients in each bottle of what you use in your regimen, add all of those together, and see what sort of number you end up with. its probably going to shock you. …… and youll probably better understand why we do things the way we do things here at bg. even if it means some things are only available in store, or certain times of the year, i think youll understand, we hope so anyhow :)

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