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by Heidi on January 13, 2015

v-day 2015 ltd
Hi all,

first, i hope you’ve all had a wonderful holiday season and found time for rest and good times with friends and family! thank you all for supporting us through the season and i hope you all enjoyed the many ltd holiday products we brought to you for 2014!

alright, as i was sitting here .. imagining how im going to try to structure this post, i realized im probably going to have to break it down into further posts with a bit more detail to the topics. So, bear with me as i get them out one by one.. and i hope to have them all complete by sunday. until then, ill give you the skinny and we can get to the low down on the skinny post by post coming soon.

I was at work today from 9am - until 8pm, i just went home to let my poor little puppies out and i am currently back at work banging out this blog while ive got chapstick base melting down in the back. On my way here, i was thinking about this post, and bg, and it struck me - just how patient my mother must have been to have handled raising me without ending up in the looney bin. My mind i mean, there just isnt a switch, and even if someone were to install one i think it would short out and quit working the second i flipped it. ha. I wish i had a better memory so that i could better recall how my mother was with me… as a child, the questions i must have asked or the projects i got into… all over the place, all the time. I hardly slept, i never sat still.. and i must have been quite difficult really. lol anyhow…. speaking of my mother - ive decided to honor her every year by bringing back ” sweeties garden” for mothers day. I know last year i said i was only going to do it once.. but i miss my mom. and i cant think of a better way to keep her a part of bg that she loved so much, other than bringing back the bar i made in her memory - her favorite scent, lilac. so - this will happen once per year, for as long as bg is bg. :)

so, from reading that ^^ surely youve gathered from that alone that i need to keep myself diving into new things in order to not become bored. And if youve ever spoken to me in person youve also figured out that a conversation about coffee can turn into an hour long conversation that began with coffee, then turned into tick life spans and how long theyve been on earth, what degree PVC melts at, which handgun i love shooting most, and how many cells regenerate per hour, the guy in whatever country that ate a certain flower and woke up with changed eye color - in the middle somewhere - and wind up on how much fuel it takes a plane to make a 3 hour journey against wind vs with wind, and then ill tell you what soap im working on. lol and hope your phone doesnt ring while were chatting because ill probably start dancing too.

k- that said, you can imagine how hard it is for me to keep structure in the business. I am all over the place with ideas and bringing them all to life. they can totally consume me while everything else falls to the side, or i can start them - not finish them because i hit a wall.. and then i shut down in a total meltdown until my mind is clear enough to take another shot. ( kinda like what the whip formula did to me last year lol) SO over the holiday break, i spent some time trying to workout what ways i can add structure here. what ways i can have a bit more focus for me here, and what things stress me the most - and how do i go about relieving some of that stress. well? letting you all down stresses me the most. And what i think lets you down is when you come in for your favorite product and its out of stock. i need time. not only to make products but i also need to do the other 7428974887571057 things it takes to run a business. So ive planned my production and ordering 6 months in advance this year, which also gives me some lines to try to stay within on my production schedule. Hopefully the wild ideas i get in the middle of the night will be forced to go on hold because i now have some lines to stay within, month by month. ( of course i left myself a LITTLE wiggle room ;) shh… ive always been a rebel.
the other thing that stresses me, is having too many things to keep track of and not enough time to make them all, or being out of one little ingredient i need for one product. So ill be minimizing the line a bit, and thats going to take me a few months to do.. but you can expect a few little changes here and there. I want to narrow down all of the things we make on the fly, and put some structure to what will always be in stock. Once i am certain what exactly that will entail, ill be sure to post about it.

Im going to do a blog post about the pros and cons of organics, from my perspective in business. because unfortunately, the price of frankincense just sky rocketed overnight. I was paying $87 per lb, and today when i placed my order it was $207. That is more than double, and unfortunately its the main oil in our treatment serum so unfortunately we have to raise the price. The new price is 25.00 just like remedy serum. Im sorry to have to do this - but i really dont have an option other than taking the treatment serum away and i just felt youd all be more upset with me for that, than having to raise the price. so, thank you for understanding and i will do an in depth blog post about this sort of issue shortly.

Im also - whew - this is a tough one for me to spit out - im * gulp* going to launch a fragrance oil bar every month. did i just say that? yep. they wont be full on fragrance oils, they will be blended with essential oils…. but as ive stated ^^^ way up there ….. i never stop, and there is this WHOLE GIANT PLAYGROUND i havent visited yet and im ready to go check it out a little bit. The only reason i feel comfortable doing so - well, fragrance oils have changed a LOT in recent years, and for people like me who care about whats in them - the manufactures are starting to finally listen to us. They are making them safer and safer as the years go on. because the demand for it is so much higher ( FINALLY SHEESH) so there are some safe options for me - and the door it opens - well - its like - its huge. ok? its huge and its fun and it smells great and i want to play a little. I feel safe and good about it, for a few reasons, ill touch base quickly here and get into an in depth post about it tomorrow. Alright, so 1. bg already has an entire full line of products made strictly with organics, naturals, and i am very confident in the products that entails. We have a complete bodycare and laundry line already ironed out - tested and loved, and i am very comfortable with it with no plans of changing anything about it. they will always be here. always. the core of bg is here to stay. but i want to play - and you know well enough by now to know i will not be sourcing out anything that is anything but the safest and best i can find. and another reason? theres a market for it. and if i can squeeze into that market with a little bit healthier of an approach - that makes me happy to do so. for those of you who wear actual perfumes? or burn candles? or use scented lotions from bath n body, aveda, avon, lush ….. all of them are fragrance oils, and how many of them do you think are caring how safe they are? yeah. so for any of you guys …. ill be making a little something to fill that fragrance void ;) we’ll see how it goes you know? one thing i learn in having a business like this - it evolves. im an artist. so just as an artists style evolves, but you can always tell its that particular artists work…… that is me inside this place called bodygoodies. i evolve, i change, i grow. so we’re gonna give it a whirl and see what happens.
speaking of which, the first of that particular scent playground im talking about it all wrapped up into the soap pictured at the top of the page ;)

ok, this post is getting lengthy ( imagine that) so im going to wrap it up here and touch base on the rest with some future posts.
…… my coffee is down to the last drop and i still have a gym to go visit yet tonight. so, long day ahead for me tomorrow and i am outta here for now!

thanks for keeping up on whats going on with BG!
until next,

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