about our 2014 LTD releases

by Heidi on September 23, 2014

Hi All..

Figured the time is near for me to get a quick post out here about how our LTD release soaps are going to be handled this year. In the past, as many of you are aware.. we held private party events in the evenings where we let the bars go on sale along with sales on certain products and other surprise releases. This year is a bit different, we are no longer able to hold private party events due to the wholesale accounts we have taken on.. we have no space or time to clear anything from production out of the way in order to have a party. So, this year.. we have decided that on the first wednesday of every month, we will launch the LTD bar and also keep our shop open until 8pm on that day. We will also be holding sales along with the release, and hopefully a few surprises if i can find the time to whip any up. Also, for our far away friends, i have made it a priority of mine this year to make sure we made enough of the LTD bars to also make them available to you online. SO, keep an eye out on the first wednesday of every month for our LTD soap of the month to go online for sale, along with some special pricing on other products.

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