about that new serum :)

by Heidi on November 28, 2012

roll on serum!

roll on serum!

kinda pretty, right :)

kinda pretty, right :)

Alright, so you all know ive been working away on a new serum hoping to have it launched by the holiday season…  and as my work habits would have it ( i might be a workaholic ) … im happy to announce ive met my deadline.

so, lets start with the good news. eh,  wait… its all good news, lets start with the first part of the good news!

packaging: right, i was on the fence about what sort of containers i was going to go with for the new serum. dropper bottle, pour cap, pump bottle etc.. the packaging for the other serums had a few issues for me:  Like, on mornings when ive had a little too much coffee and a little too much not enough to eat, shaky hands and those droppers are just not a very good combo!  the pump bottles get a little excited sometimes too - i usually end up putting half of what comes out on my hands and cuticles, and yes, ive tipped over the dropper bottle with the actual dropper itself, losing product to the floor.  so i did some thinking.. and it hit me in an einstein moment….. wait a minute!! what about a roll on?!? would that be weird? lets try it and find out! so i got a sample in… tried it myself, and fell in packaging love. not only for the fact of the glass roll on tubes frosted glass beauty alone or the fact that it allows the beautiful natural color of this serum show, but using it to apply my serum was perfect! i could easily concentrate on the areas i felt i needed it most, yet also put a nice big swirl on my cheek to smooth into my skin with my fingertips. cool, right?  Not only did it go on so easy, but it also saved me from wasted product.  ……… hold on, its not over yet.

pricing: as you also know, i was worried about what this serum was going to have to cost due to the ingredient cost for me to make it. some pretty expensive stuff in there. But the roll on tubes are .35 oz which meanssssssssssssssssss………… yep, im able to keep the cost down, but your serum should last you as long as a full 1 oz size due to the new roll on application not spitting out more product than you actually need to use!! o-m-g. how perfect. i am STOKED.

marketing: ive been calling this serum the anti aging serum, and although it was originally formulated with anti aging in mind, ive thought long and hard about this - the ingredients are just fantastic no matter what! my 14 yr old daughter LOVES the stuff. so ive decided to market it as a treatment therapy serum instead. for all ages. and being sold along with it in a duo pack, is an even more simplified version of simplixity, which will be marketed as basic hydration serum and comes in the 1 oz pump bottle.

which serum is right for you and how much should you use ? ……………..I always tell people they need to get to know their skin. and everyones skin behaves differently, is capable of handling product differently, so who am i to tell you ” use this daily” or ” only twice a week” so … what ive decided to do regarding the serums, is this :

both serums can be purchased together ( recommended)  in a serum pack for 26.00  or they can be purchased separately for 15.00 each. My recommendation for use - get to know the serums and find out what works best for you. Personally, my skin can totally handle the treatment serum every day. But i dont wash my face every day like some of you do, so i prefer to use the basic hydration serum on the days i dont use cleanser ( just spot treating areas with the treatment serum like expression lines) , and use the treatment serum on the days that i do cleanse.  its going to be a matter of finding out how much of each serum you prefer, or perhaps the therapy serum works best for your skin, in which case i would use the other for make up removal,  body moisturizing and cuticle treatment.

yes, the pricing reflects me encouraging you to have both serums on hand. I do encourage you to do so. The treatment serum forms a surface barrier, where the basic hydration serum does not, making it a lighter oil, perfect for removing make up. which, you should know by now i also encourage you to use vs. washing your face with a cleanser twice a day. The basic hydration serum comes in a one ounce size for that reason. Multiple use capabilities.  :)

Im looking forward to getting the decals designed for both of the serums and hopefully having them done in the next couple of weeks, just in time for xmas!

until next,


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