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by Heidi on March 13, 2012

march 2012

march 2012

hey all -

we recently did an interview with the paper… as you might assume, we typically have our production scheduled out a couple weeks in advance, however - the article published about a week before we were expecting it to. this has been great for exposure and ive met many new faces over the last week because of it ( which has been awesome!! i looove meeting new people!) - however it also causes an unexpected surge which has unfortunately set us back just a few days. anyhow, i hope you understand the delay on shipping, and my delay in blogging photos of some of the soaps coming out.

I hope to get some of that done today while im also busy cranking out some beer soap. I know i had said id get the soaps up here over the weekend, that just didnt seem to happen. lol. BG is adding a beer soap to the line for those of you who missed my post a few posts back. it just so happens there is a very large beer event coming up in late april as well, which we will be attending with 3 different kinds of beer soaps. so if youre local, be sure to check out “the big tap in” april 21st at the covelli center in youngstown. :)

If i get time today - im going to take some snaps of our kitchen hand soap coming out. it is next in line to make its way to the website. im still messing with the aesthetics of tiggys garden. even though everyone loves it so far, it just doesnt settle with me aesthetically. everyone absolutely loves the scent, which, i must admit - even though i tend to prefer earthier scents myself - i absolutely love the way tiggys garden smells and feels. im really excited to bring the bar to the line.

so- what to expect over the next few weeks? the punisher ( kitchen soap) making its way to the website. updates on tiggys gardens launch date, and some awesome beer soap headed this way soon!


-heidi :)

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