by Heidi on March 12, 2012

meet crud

meet crud

hey guys,

i am happy to announce crud has finally made its way to the website.

its a big deal to me personally, for quite a few reasons.  - ill do a quick splain.

years ago i had soaps in the line that were not essential oil only. i messed around with fragrance oils, trying to appeal to everyone out there. theres a whole mass of people who love fragrance oils, and there is a whole mass who love essentials. so …. i tried to keep everyone happy and make a bit of both.  but well, you all pretty much know by now how i feel about fragrance oils.. so i dont need to go there again. ;)

i slowly phased out or transitioned bars which were once fragrance oil.. into being essential oil only bars. everyone was fine with it until i mentioned changing the ever popular ” the salt bar” - granted, the bar was always a mix of fragrance and essential. however, the scent was so adored -   there was nothing that would compare. i had tried once or twice over the years - but felt bad when people would say how much they missed it, or liked it. SO, its the last bar i had in the line that was fragrance. I hated the bar.  i hated making it,  ( fragrance oils give wicked headaches ) - and i never brought the bar home. i didnt care to use it, personally. i hated the smell.

i wanted this bar gone.  -  so after some careful thinking - i decided its time to get rid of the bar completely. a few factors contributed to that decision. but i made the decision and i have decided to bring crud to the line instead. you see, so many people used the salt bar for psoriasis. as psoriasis sufferers benefit tremendously from sulfur and other minerals. which, dead sea salt and muds and all sorts have good amounts of. so -  it made sense to use the salt bar to help. but to me - knowing how much better essential oils are than fragrance - it just never sat well with me to have them use that bar. when i knew full well i could make one that worked better, and not use fragrance oil in, but rather, essential oils which help even more. so thats what ive done.

crud - you rock.

dont be mistaken, crud isnt made specifically to treat psoriasis, its just a bar in the line that has the highest amount of ingredients that are known to be good for it. well, crud and rooibos tea would both be great for that actually… anywho..  i dont have psoriasis, and ive been using crud all week simply because i love the bar. I love the fresh, real, mineral smell. This bar is much lighter than most of our bars - its hardly scented because i wanted to smell like the awesome muds it is made from.  the way they smell is pure and organic. they smell like walking into a spa. they smell earthy and mossy, like fresh clay and crystal clear springs. they smell like minerals. …no better way to say it. i love this stuff.  aside from the scent making the bar so nice, the muds in the bar give it a soft exfoliating feel, yet the salts in the bar give it a rougher scrub at the same time. i love this bar. my skin feels sooo good after i use it.

getting rid of the salt bar was like putting a bad energy to rest. bringing to life crud, was rising above it. wiping my hands clean………. with mud. ha.

so, now that we’ve got crud on the site, the salt bar will be making its exit this weekend. if you want to get your hands on some, please order before sunday.

alright guys.. thats all for now. i think. i may be back later depending on how well ive adjusted to the time change, cause if not - ill be wide awake with a mind full of info i could be sharing.

until next,


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