the lemon mudslide mystery - solved.

by Heidi on September 11, 2010

The very first batch of lemon mudslide… was so gorgeous. The tiny bit of transparency combined with mud and bits of lemon gave the bar a marble appearance.

The second batch of lemon mudslide, looked nothing like the first.

nor did the third, or the fourth, or the 30th.

I saved a bar of the initial batch.. and i have been chasing after it since the day i made it.

A couple of days ago, while going through my formula book looking for a specific recipe.. i ran across a formula that had no title.  baffled for a few, then thought, omg - is this the original lemon mudslide recipe??  You see, the day i made lemon mudslide for the first time, i also formulated 2 others.  But, on top of one of my print outs i had written ” double recipe for lg lemon batch”  and thats the formula ive been using for it! well – today, i realize, i had written it on the wrong formula.

how do i know this? because i came into the shop today, and in the mold of soap that i made last night, was a batch of lemon mudslide that looks just as the very first batch did, and i made it, with the mysterious no name formula.


I cannot begin to tell you how excited i am that i have finally figured out the mystery. I have tried every other way i know of to try to figure it out. Ive changed mixing temps, pouring temps, amounts of lemon, amounts of mud, amounts of salt, essential oils in ONLY the lemon part of the batch and left the white part free of essentials, i was pulling my hair out over this bar!!! every couple of days id go over and hold that one bar i had saved from the original batch, and stare at it, and ask it, WHY ARE YOU DIFFERENT?!?!?!  lol………. well, finally, i have my answer.

so for those of you who use and love lemon mudslide, you may notice some slight difference in the new bars that come out. share your thoughts with me in comparison to the bar youve used over the past few months if you will.


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