different is good

by Heidi on September 3, 2010

its been a hot minute since ive blogged! so sorry its been so long guys.
As you may know, bodygoodies has gone through some major changes in the past couple of months. The biggest being our location. We’ve moved into a spankin new location ( yes, cement floors and all) which perfectly suits our soapy manufacturing needs, as well as leaves enough room for a retail area. As timing would have it, we were also working on two new bars to bring to the line. bar 21, and low tide. Both of which have taken off like wildfire and keeping up with production has been tricky!
Some of the benefits of our new location?? well, for starters, we have windows!!! NICE! we also have temperature controls, which makes the soaping process MUCH easier to deal with, we also have street visibility! yeehaw!
alright, so we’ve decided to take this time of change, to make a few other changes as well, like, the soaps being wrapped in butcher paper. Like, the lotion tins coming with unique stickers which will change from batch to batch.
for the last few months I personally have been scrambling to get everything accomplished. and now that im sitting down looking at it all, ive realized a part of me has been missing - part that keeps it raw and real and fresh. back to basics, simpleton - thats me. I realized over the past few months ive pretty much felt like a hamster in a wheel just constantly running. What im trying to say is,  i was scrambling to get orders done, get soap made, get this invoice printed, get this bill paid, get these labels ordered etc etc………. and i was doing everything as it had been done..  over and over and over. well, that just isnt me.
I dont like things to be so perfect. I dont like run of the mill, or expected. Ive always been a little different, im drawn to different. I want to fill buckets with soap and have to cut the bucket to get the soap out, i want odd shaped chunks and slabs of soap all over the place. I want boxes and bins and anything i can find which i can pour soap into, to have soap coming out of, for you to pick your cut. i want chalk boards with ingredients listed on a batch of soap ive whipped up as something new for you to try. i want you to love coming to bodygoodies, because something is ALWAYS different every time you come in, yet you have the security of knowing i will always have your favorite bar in stock.
Little by little you will notice some changes taking place. This is where i thrive. I need things to have room for change. I get bored when everything stays the same. this doesnt mean your favorite soaps will be leaving, in fact most of them are staying and will always be part of the line.something you will notice soon, is your bars will now come off the chop block just as it is, wrapped in its butcher paper with some tape and a printout of its ingredients. hopefully in the near future we will begin selling soap by the pound. perhaps where you may even choose your cut of soap. and who knows, i may have yellow tape this week and brown the next, or maybe i found some great stickers that will get stamped on your wrapper before you leave.  But, something that will never change is my honesty, my ethics, and the promise that i will always bring the best of the best ingredients, to the soaps which i personally formulate, for you. ( ahem, and for me lol )
In highschool, i was the artist freak. yanno? the weird girl that wore combat boots and had crazy red hair with things tied in it and drove a pink vw bug? yeah. that was me. and i suppose through life ive lost the boots, and the red hair… but the artist is still in me, its part of me. I like different. i like innovative. i like change and growth. Im not sitting in my house listening to my favorite song from the 80’s, im looking up the new artist i heard on my pandora station tonight to check out something new. I like doing my own thing. I dont mind being the black sheep. to me, standing out is a good thing - if youre doing something good. and i know i am. :)
off my soap box and onto scouring the internet!


1 Lynn September 4, 2010 at 7:17 am

that was you in the vw???

2 Daniel Horne September 4, 2010 at 9:27 am

Sounds awesome….love the renewed energy. Do what you love and how you love to do it and let the rest fall into place!!!!! Way to go Heidi:-)

3 Amber Pence September 4, 2010 at 10:03 am

Heidi you made the jump with or without the net- Kudos to you and your new found courage ^_^ I can’t wait for the changes!

4 Heidi September 4, 2010 at 6:44 pm

lol lynn!! yes, that was me in the VW hahah!! oh i so loved that car. one of these days, im gonna get me another one and paint it that same shade of pink :) i MISS my VW - i made the kid that bought it promise me he would leave it pink, and if he did , i would give him my first born. - i said that before i had my maddi, im glad he painted it!!

5 Heidi September 4, 2010 at 6:46 pm

daniel, amber -

thank you both SO much. Im really excited! it feels sooo good to have some new positive energy flowing through me again! i am PUMPED and READY!

6 Lynn September 4, 2010 at 7:26 pm

Seriously, I used to see it and wonder who owned it. We’ve had many in our family and I wan a red convertable one.

The fair was FREEZING today and so fun.

How did your computer report go?

7 Heidi September 4, 2010 at 9:05 pm

aww thats so cool lynn! hopefully youll get your red one! and im SO happy you made it to the fair! id prefer to go in this weather vs. the heat for sure!

i think the report went well, ty for asking :)
took me the entire day and night to do but i got it done - now, hopefully some good comes from it! * crossing fingers*

8 dave September 6, 2010 at 10:29 pm

I say bring back to combat boots and red hair :P

You are by far one of the few highly-motivated people I know of today. Congrats on the new place and here’s to keeping your creativity flowing!

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