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by Heidi on January 26, 2010

Sure, I’m an esthetician, and sure, I know about skincare and skin woes and skin treatments and skin issues. I can give you a facial youd never forget. I can wax and shape your brows in preparation for your wedding photos, I can slather seaweed on your body and wrap you up like a burrito for 20 minutes…

There are all sorts of estheticians, just as there are all sorts of doctors or artists. There are holistic doctors, there are doctors who dont believe it at all. There are realist artists, and there are abstract. there are estheticians that would have no problem giving you an intense chemical peel, and then there are estheticians like me, who wouldn’t even consider to offer you one. To each his/her own in my opinion. Whatever works for you and sits well in your conscious is fine by me. Mine tells me nature is the way to go, i believe in naturals and holistics. I believe that because of my own story. Years ago when i was on 9 different medications and only getting sicker? seeing a doctor for this and an ER room for that every other week? yep, i was 100% unhealthy. And what changed it? switching to an all natural diet. I believe in naturals. I always will. I bring them to you because that is my truth from my own experience.

I love being an esthetician. I also love art. I also love science. I love putting all three things together and making soap. for you.

Everyone wants to know.. when is bodygoodies going to come out with lotion which can be in a bottle with a pump, when will we make shampoo, when will we make deodorant and toothpaste……….. and the answer is, we wont. Not any time soon anyways.. and heres why. Aside from all of the time it will take to formulate, aside from all of the expenses to get packaging and ingredients, aside from the headache and costs of purchasing more UPC codes, The reason is because of my own beliefs. I wholeheartedly believe the very core to healthy skin, is your diet/health , and after that — its your soap and your moisturizer.  I already make both of those things.  In a natural, healthy way.

These are daily things that greatly affect the health of your skin. good or bad. I do believe in skin treatments, like healthy beneficial facials and body treatments. But you dont need those every day. In fact you dont need to scrub your face with soap every day. People seem to often misunderstand the function of soap. Soap is a cleanser. That means it breaks down oil and removes dirt and grime. I dont know about you but im not out playing in the dirt every day. In the winter, i wash my face with soap every other day. I moisturize it with a solid lotion every day. In the summer its the opposite. Winter is tricky, we crank up the heat, we tend to drink warm liquids like tea and coffee more often than water, which, tea and coffee serve to dehydrate our skin. Its a no brainer that your skin is going to lean towards dry in the winter. Not to mention the elements we are exposed to. So if you are stripping those oils that are there from your skin with every day facial cleansing… you might end up with that tight, strange feeling skin, depending on your skin type, diet, hydration.. etc.   In the summer, we tend to drink cool liquids, to refresh us from that summer heat. We are better hydrated and need less moisturizer. We sweat, which brings toxins to the surface, it also makes room for particles of dust and dirt or anything out there to stick to your skin. oil production is steady, hence, why you would use soap daily.

Soap is not a moisturizer. Soap is not perfume. Its not intended to do either of those things. If  its a moisture rich soap, awesome - if its a bar that smells good, even better! but those two things are also greatly misunderstood about soap. soap… is….a….cleanser.The pH and ingredients of the soap you are using are what is most important. The less of a change you make to your skins natural pH the healthier your skin is going to be. I cannot stress this enough. @ bodygoodies you get all  of those things, moisture rich soap that smells great , has a low pH and is made with awesome natural ingredients.

last night i stumbled upon an ad for dove cleansing bars and by the time it was over my blood was boiling. the ad was showing the difference between soap, real SOAP, and their “cleansing bar”. HA. Their big marketing scheme is to show you all of this scum that soap leaves behind. They sit a bar of soap, and one of their cleansing bars in a cup of water, then remove them after some time had passed, and rub each product on a mirror. Then squirt the sloppy mess with spray bottle full of water.. a woman is standing there going SEE? the SOAP takes so much longer to remove. What gets me about this ad is, its probably going to fool some people. I felt like i was running a race for president and my opponent just got real dirty with false information, in an attack against me. So, the TRUTH? Soap leaves behind oils and butters which have been left whole in the bar to help keep moisture in your skin.Now, on a mirror ( as shown in the ad) you are going to see a lot of it left behind, as obviously it is a much different material than SKIN which will soak up those awesome butters, oils, and glycerin! They skip that part though, and only state that soap reacts with the calcium in hard water which is responsible for the “scum” .. ok and so what about people that dont have hard water? and what about calcium? last time i looked, its pretty healthy for skin! yes.. topically!

SOAP is intended to clean. the “cleansing bar” they offer you, is a pile of chemical crap. All of the chemical crap i will never make products with. You know why their cleansing bar leaves no residue?  Ill tell you why, because it has stripped every bit of everything but your actual flesh off.  Im surprised it doesnt take the shower walls down with it!

right. So i believe in science.  And when i read about a study is done, which finds/ proves certain chemicals/ ingredients, are carcinogenic , can actually mutate the way cells form and function, or can be absorbed through our skin and sit in our BRAINS and LIVERS for long periods of time? yeah — im staying away from that. there is a laundry list of scary ingredients that go into those wonderful dove bars *eyeroll* and SO many other products out there, that have some pretty scary warning labels and scientific findings that go along with those ingredients.

Maybe someday bodygoodies will expand and get into these other things, like deodorant and such - but other people out there already have that handled. My passion is SOAP.  There is nothing on the planet that does it for me like soap. I love measuring the oils out, smelling the pure raw ingredients, i love mixing and formulating, i love pouring and artistically designing a bar aesthetically, i love the way it feels when i unmold it, i love cutting it, i love smelling it, i love the surprises i get when i formulate certain ingredients in, i love endlessly researching ingredients to create bars with a purpose. I love soap. I love walking into the studio and seeing slabs of it laying on the table waiting to be cut and stamped. I LOVE SOAP.  my skin loves soap, REAL honest soap. packed full of ingredients that are going to do awesome things for my skins health, and not do anything to damage my body.

I could make lotions you pump out of a bottle, with the use of stabilizers and thickeners, and water, which means ill require to put a preservative in there for you too. Thats why i wont do it. Besides that, there isnt a reason to make it. bodygoodies isnt about cute fluffy smelly things, brightly colored with chemical additives and then stuffed into pretty colored containers. And bodygoodies isnt about intense chemicals to take every fine line or wrinkle you have go away.  bodygoodies is about bringing science and health and skincare together to bring you what i personally believe and know to be the core of good skin health. and we bring it to you in a healthy way. In a fun, eco friendly way. In a way that allows me to sleep at night. ( if im not too caught up in researching) i may even get some.

k, I’m off the soap box and onto formulating. new ingredients just arrived!! somethings brewing here in the lab  – i cant wait to bring it to you!


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1 Joanna February 4, 2010 at 9:30 am

I love your passion. Good for you. Stand by your beliefs!

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