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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: What inspires you to create a bar?

A: soaps are formulated after an idea strikes us based on skin care needs. Clients and customers who have specific skin issues are usually the inspiration behind a specific bar. Sometimes, we just want to create a bar with certain ingredients in them because we personally know the powerful benefits specific ingredients have. However, all soaps, allergy issues aside, are formulated to be safe and gentle for anyone to use, regardless of having a skin issue or not. Each bar is packed with beneficial goodies which will actively help certain issues, but at the same time, behave as a gentle, healthy cleanse good for any skin type.

Q: How do you come up with these crazy soap names?

A: We keep things personal here at bodygoodies. Just as the personal determination to create an awesome bar of soap, the names of them mean something to us, too. Sometimes they are named after people we know personally, sometimes they are named after memories or objects. The salt bar, for example, is the beach bar?its exfoliation ability reminds us of the awesome exfoliation our feet receive after spending a week at the beach with our family. trace is named after the incredible woman who asked us to bring the bar back into the lineup. Sometimes, Heidi just asks Maddi, "Hey, what do you think would be a great name for this bar?" "How 'bout earthquake mom? It looks like a landscape with moons in it," she'll reply. And so on.

Q: Why do you retire some of your soaps?

A: Bars are retired based on a few things. Sometimes we get an idea where we can combine a few different soaps into one soap. This allows us to put all of the benefits of 2 or 3 bars, packed into one. This makes it easier for your skin to receive multiple benefits without having to have 4 bars of soap stacked in your shower at one time. Sometimes bars are retired due to shortages of ingredients; unfortunately, sometimes this happens. Sometimes bars are retired simply because we've got new ideas and want to take things in a new direction, in which case, not all soaps will fit into the lineup anymore--but we do our best to keep the bars you love available.

Q: Why are bodygoodies soaps different than Dove or Dial?

A: A few reasons. Passion being the first. It is Heidi's passion to create the most top notch product she can possibly create for you to use on your skin. Heidi is a bit of a science buff and really gets into the nitty gritty properties of every ingredient she uses to blend them together in perfect harmony. All bodygoodies soaps are cold process; these soaps have a very low pH level compared to other types of soap. Your skin's natural pH level is also fairly low. This means when you use a cold process soap, the change to your pH level is much less than using a harsh cleansing bar, such as a store-bought mass manufactured bar, which results in a gentle cleanse without causing upsets to your skin. Dove, Dial, Irish Spring--all of those are not even considered "soap", actually--they are "beauty bars", "body bars" or "cleansing bars". This is because they are not even made of ingredients which allow them to be called "soap".

Q: Are your soaps made with lye?

A: Yes. Soap cannot be made without the use of lye. Lye and water are mixed together and are then mixed with the oils and butters chosen for a batch of soap. Once they mix together, a chemical reaction takes place and soap is created. it is a complete chemical change.

Q: Why don't you make those cool clear glycerin soaps?

A: Well, we do make glycerin soap! All cold process soap is glycerin soap. In fact, that cool clear stuff you're thinking of actually cannot be made without first making cold process soap. To create clear glycerin, cold process soap is taken, heated, and mixed with alcohol to turn it clear. There are absolutely no benefits to clear glycerin that cold process soaps don't have; if anything, benefits are taken away by turning the soap clear. The use of alcohol just for aesthetics makes no sense to us here, as alcohol is certainly not beneficial to skin.

Q: What if I dont have any skin issues; is this soap going to do something to my skin?

A: Absolutely. It's going to nourish it, clean it gently, and probably make it fall in love. But it won't do things you don't want it to. Just because a bar may be good for rosacea or eczema does not mean it won't be good for someone without those things. Hours and hours of formulations have enabled these bars to be safe for anyone to use.

Q: I have an allergy; are your soaps safe for me to use?

A: Depends on what you are allergic to and the severity of your allergy; some ingredients are considered tree nuts, such as shea butter. These are similar to a walnut. They also have a natural latex in them. If you have a severe allergy to tree nuts, latex or bee products or any such ingredients it is possible you may have a reaction. Some allergies are general, some are specific. If you notice any sort of allergic response, discontinue use.

Q: Are bodyoodies soaps vegan?

A: We sometimes use beeswax, propolis (also from bees) and/or buttermilk. The benefits of these ingredients to the health of your skin are incredible. However, not all soaps have these ingredients in them, as all soaps are formulated differently. This means there are vegan options available here at bodygoodies.

Q: I see tallow on some soap ingredient lists; what is this?

A: Something you will never see on a bodygoodies label. Tallow is animal fat. They melt it down and turn it into soap, the same way we do with plant oils. We will never use tallow in any of our products.

Q: What are those dots in some of your soaps?

A: That is the result of hours and hours of mashing up a batch of white soap and rolling it into tiny soap balls. If we didn't love them so much, we wouldn't do it. You can just imagine rolling thousands of those li'l beauties at a time! ;)

Q: I love your soap, but there is a fragrance I really love and want in a soap. Can you make it?

A: bodygoodies is always open to suggestions and comments. Heidi will not stop making soap until she stops breathing. She LOVES making soap and creating new ones is always something she loves doing! If there is something you would like to see in the lineup, send us an email and we will take it into consideration. However, ultimately, soaps are designed to be safe and beneficial. It is with knowledge, research and care that soaps are created. We are a little different here than some of the other soap companies you may find out there--it's not about how a bar smells; for us, it's about quality and every single ingredient is a part of that.

Q: Will you ever make liquid soap or body wash?

A: Perhaps in the future; right now, we have our hands full with the bar soap. It's difficult to create a liquid soap without the use of chemicals. So, for us to create a healthy, natural liquid soap would be much too time consuming currently.

Q: What are those tiny dark specs in my body mojo?

A: As you know by now, bodygoodies uses only the purest, natural products we can get our hands on. Our shea butter comes from Ghana Africa and only makes one stop in the US before it reaches us here. When we receive it, it is packed in a gourd?literally, a gourd filled with completely unrefined shea butter. in the process of making shea butter, the people of Ghana harvest the shea nuts (which are similar to a walnut), they then crush the entire nut into a hollowed out tree stump. After many, many nuts have been crushed, it is heated, and the shea butter then rises to the top. It is scooped out and put into the gourd, then on its way to us. When it arrives, we melt and double strain the shea, which gives us the ability to bring completely unrefined shea butter into the products we make for you. The specs you see in your mojo pucks are tiny bits of the shea making process which have not been filtered out. They are completely harmless.

Q: How long does this soap last?

A: This question always makes us laugh a little bit. It's hard to tell someone how long a bar of soap lasts for a few reasons. We have no idea how many people you may or may not live with and how many of them may or may not use your soap. We have no idea how long you spend lathering, how many showers you take, if you lather twice just because you can't get enough of your bodygoodies bar or where you keep it when you aren't using it. We can tell you, if its stored properly, cold process soap is a long-lasting soap that doesn't dry up and break into pieces. it doesn't flake, split or crack like so many commercial bars do. Cold process soap is so high in glycerin naturally, that it must be kept in a well drained area so it doesnt "melt". If you don't store your soap properly, you might find a pile of goop where once was your beloved bodygoodies bar. So, keep your goodie in a well drained area, and you should have your soap for quite a while.

Q: Your soap is made with lye, but I do not see lye on your label, why?

Lye can be a scary word for a consumer to read on a label, The truth is, once soap is made, there is no lye left in the bar, it is a complete chemical change called - saponification- in which the oils ( fats) are mixed with a lye water mixture. There are a few ways to legally label soap. It is legal, to simply list "soap" on the label and sell it as just that. However we are proud of our ingredients and choose to list them. It is also legal to use the INCI names - in which case you would read a lot of words that had no meaning to you such as Prunus Armeniaca, which would be- (Apricot) Kernel Oil. You would also see, sodium hydroxide there, which would be ( LYE). It is also legal to label soap such as we do here, saponified oils of :  etc etc.. and that means, oils which have been turned to soap with the use of lye.