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Amazing Ingredients


Why are bodygoodies soaps so different from other soaps? It's because, well, they ARE different.

Lookin' Good

The first thing that sets them aside from so many mainstream soaps is their appearance. We treat each bar of soap as if it were a work of art. At bodygoodies, the look of the soap is just as important and unique as the scent and feel of it.

It's What's on the Inside That Counts

Another thing you might notice if you read our ingredients would be that we dont use cheap 'filler oils'. That makes a huge difference in the quality of our soap, from how long it lasts in your shower, to how much your skin will thank you for it. Sure, you can make soap out of any mix of oil and it will be soap regardless, but it's the properties of the oils we select that make such a difference in the final result. At bodygoodies, we only use the best ingredients we can find, such as all meadowfoam seed oil, mango butter, and jojoba. Our soaps stand out because we don't cut corners at ANY cost.

There is not one bodygoodies soap in the line that is made from a found recipe. Our recipes are hand created by hours of formulating perfect pairings of oils and our other natural ingredients. All bodygoodies bars are safe for use on the face and body. Each product is gentle, mild, full of vitamins, moisture rich, and packed full of beneficial goodies to give your skin the love it needs.

Here at bodygoodies, we know that what you put onto your body is just as important as what you put into it. We do our best to stay away from essential oils with contraindictaions. Although they smell great, they can sometimes be harsh on your skin. We have found ways around using these oils and are still able to achieve the same scents in a much safer way. Many soap makers and product makers don't care enough to research an oil's safety, using whatever they like simply because they like the way it smells. Not here at Bodygoodies! We do our homework. Rest assured, bodygoodies will always have the same drive, passion, and skills to provide the best products to treat your skin the way it deserves to be treated. Always.